DOTMOV FESTIVALは、未知なる才能を持ったクリエイター発掘と作品紹介の機会の創出を目的に、(財)北海道文化財団の共催で開催されるデジタル・フィルム・フェスティバル。世界中から作品募集を受け付け、寄せられた作品は、デジタル映像・デザイン界の第一線で活躍するクリエイターにより選出され、アート、ファッション、音楽など最先端のカルチャー情報を札幌から発信するカルチャーオンラインマガジンSHIFTのプロデュースするカフェ「SOSO」を会場に、2003年11月1日~30日の1ケ月間に渡り上映されるカフェ・ミクストシネマイベントです。会期中、関連オーディオ&ビジュアルイベントも多数開催します。

上映作品 応募作品の中から優秀作品約100作品を選出。期間中毎日上映します。

Monitor In The Monitor by Yoshihiro Kura (Japan) / Melter 2 by Takeshi Murata (USA) / The Three Graces by Andreas Berner (USA) / Die Alpen by Tomi Knuutila (Finland) / Punto Zero by Motomichi Nakamura (USA) / Life-2 by Gerhard Mantz (Germany) / Paris By Light by Tristan Mendes France (France) / Leisure Options by Vasava Artworks (Spain) / Solar Wind by Joe Takayama (Japan) / Creative Review Remix, Bosea by Tronic Studio (USA) / NOt WARranted by Heric Longe Abramo (Italy) / Minimalfi 3, Kids Know, Mini Squid Attack, Ritual, Poderosos, Azules by Sam Borkson (USA) / Mutafukaz by Team Chman (France) / Aggigma by Giuliano Vece (Germany) / Everywhere There Are Signs by fFurious (Singapore) / Shume by Alina Bliumis (USA) / Kate The Planet by Wakana Mishima (Japan) / Fade To Grey by Marc Atlan (USA) / Lamazuella, See The Sky by 4+ (Japan) / Xima vs Cion by Stefi Boese (Germany) / Hiragana 50-4 by Aerostitch (Japan) / Fortunate 1 mark by Omodaka (Japan) / The Soft Pink Truth, Lesser, Variable Unit by Ryan Junell (USA) / YEAHAEY by Patrick Dougan (USA) / We’ll Never Die by Raphael Elig (France) / Sus Pap View by Kanta Horio (Japan) / TT.O Poetry, First Things First, Unseen by Fai Desmond Leung (Hong Kong) / Mix Masters by United Design (Japan) / We Choose Time, Dead Dog Of Kairouan, Monkey’s Wedding by Quarterfold (South Africa) /3.30 by Addictive TV (UK) / Etherhythm by Kouhei Endo (Japan) / Turn A Turn by Takumi Shiga (Japan) / Possibilities by Kyoko Ito (USA) / Western State 3 by Geoff Mcfetridge (USA) / Retrospective by Lost In Space (UK) / Ascii Tronica#1, Grow Gold by P Cube (Japan) / Intro, Concrete by Albert Choi (USA) / Whiton’s Cook Book In Saigon by Toshiko Kimura (Japan) / Airport by Nerve (USA) / Make Your Mark by Moment Factory (Canada) / States by Luke Luoh (Canada) / Tiderip, Confiction by Nature Blunt (Japan) / The Rainbow Child by Gianfranco De Biasi (Italy) / FF0000, Harsh, 0000FF by Telco Systems (Netherlands) / Coil/Loveless by Form (UK) / Sun Fun, Summer Drawing, Fuel First Hand, Identity, Clones, Summer by Freestyle Collective (USA) / Mantis by Jordi Moragues (Germany) / Time Killing by Lela Budde (UK) / No Smoking by Monica Carrozzoni (Italy) / Golden Time by Hirotomo Yamashita (Japan) / I am Alive by Gareth Chisholm (South Africa) / Music Box by Faiyaz Jafri (USA) / Eye Spy by Alex Mendes + Lena Silva (Portugal) / Take It On The Run by Lew Baldwin (USA)


提供:株式会社ポリスター フェリシティ/3-D

THE BEST OF RESFEST 歴代オープニングトレーラー、過去作品上映