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Hong Kong base publisher Victionary will release a book “Stockholm Design Lab: 1998-2019” on March 2020.


Stockholm Design Lab (SDL) presents a visual treasure trove of ideas in its all-new eponymous monograph spanning 20 years of creative excellence. As a leading studio that has left a lasting impact on a variety of entities and industries around the world, its retrospective offers an insightful journey through some of its best projects so far, whether it is designing money, a race car, or for the Nobel Prize. An invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge for creative professionals and students, the book is essential reading for those looking to learn and grow in the footsteps of greatness.

Driven by ‘simple, remarkable ideas’ SDL has been transforming brands as one of the leading forward-thinking design agencies in the world. From developing visual identities to defining creative approaches for the biggest brands today, its works are as diverse as they are distinct and delightful to capture hearts across all walks of life.

To mark its 21st year in the industry, SDL has compiled a special monograph with over 500 pages of exclusive insight into its creative inspiration, processes, and portfolio. Categorised by industry, the book’s contents include behind-the-scenes anecdotes, mock-ups, and never-seen-before images; serving as a valuable source of reference and reflection for designers at any level.

Stockholm Design Lab: 1998-2019
A book about the creative process and design of…
Specs: 230 x 290 mm, 568 pages
Format: Full colour, Hard cover with dust jacket
Release date: March 2020
Price: $79.95
Language: English
Editor: Victionary
ISBN 978-988-79726-2-4

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