THINGSText: Hanae Watanabe

Have you ever tried to put many colors or things together so as to be gorgeous, but end up making a mess? As you know in a movie, on a stage or in a wedding, there are always backstage players who show the glamorous central players to its best advantage.

PALETTE 02: Multicolour

The book Multicolour, a sequel to Black & White, released from the Hong Kong based design publisher ‘victionary’ shows the simple design stationaries, graphic designs and installations with multiple colors, telling us how to use those colors without being messy. Multicolour is from the color theme series PALETTE, which is a different series from Geo/Graphics, the book we introduced in the last article, focusing on designs with graphic figures.


Whole page is so colorful and cheerful. But at the same time, each page has a different flavor and uniqueness through the combination of the color tones. Your eyes will be caught by the bright and abundant color patterns.


Usually, using many colors tends to be messy and blurs the point of focus. However, this book proves that you can still solve the problem while using many colors. The key is to be simple. Simplifying the backstage players – the base of the color such as logo and design – to utmost simplicity and you can emphasize the beauty of the multiple colors.


For example, look at the below picture. To emphasize the rainbow color hairstyle, the other parts are covered with white. By this effect, you get a sense of unity.


There’s always a backstage player next to the main one. It will be fun to check the relation between– ‘muticolour’ and simple design – in the book.

PALETTE 02: Multicolour
Spec: 185 x 250 mm, 256 pages
Publisher: Victionary
Language: English
Release: December, 2012
ISBN: 9789881943903

Text: Hanae Watanabe
Translation: Eri Tsuji

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