Screening starts from September 2016 throughout 2017 around the world!

DOTMOV is a digital film festival organized by online magazine “SHIFT”, aiming to discover unknown talented creators and provide an opportunity to show their works. We had a total of 186 works from 13 countries this year, and an excellent 12 works among them were selected by guest judges. All the selected works are also presented on the website. This year’s festival will take place in several cities in Japan and overseas from September 2016 throughout 2017. In addition, special 2 invited works will be added and screened this time.

In addition to the general category like before, we called for entries to the “SenSe V.A 05” MV (music video) category in collaboration with the Sapporo based label “SenSe” which introduces creatives such as music and art in this year. “SenSe V.A 05” MV category videos will be appear on the screening.

Designed by Hideki Inaba


09/01 – 09/30__Sapporo, Chikaho Underground Walkway Kita 2 jo Digital Signage *1
09/02 – 09/18__Sapporo, MIRAI.ST Cafe *2
10/21 – 12/30__Sapporo, Cross Hotel Sapporo (Hokkaido Selection)
10/21 – 10/24__Nagoya, Theater Cafe *3
09/01 – 10/06__Tokyo, Tokyo Cultuart by Beams
11/01 – 11/13__Kyoto, Cafe Independants
11/02 – 11/29__Osaka, Umeda Hankyu Department Store (Special Selection)
11/08 – 11/17__Osaka, Digmeout Art&Diner
11/19 – 11/25__Kobe, Kobe Art Village Center *4
09/02 – 09/11__Okayama, Kamp
10/11 – 10/13__Fukuoka, Konya-Gallery
10/29_____Hong Kong, Videotage, Cattle Depot Artist Village
11/05_____Rio De Janeiro TechArtLab
11/29_____London, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation *5
01/18_____Antwerp, Cinema Zuid
03/02_____London, Craft Animation Night (Special Selection)
03/09_____London, Peckhamplex (Special Selection)

*1 Screening 17:00-18:12
*2 Screening 17:00-23:00 (Till 21:00 on Sunday), Closed on September 6th and in the case of reservation
*3 Screening 13:00-21:00 (Except for Tuesday – Thursday, closed loop), please order 1 drink (500 yen)
*4 Screening 17:40-18:52, Closed on November 22nd
*5 Screening 19:00-20:12

SCREENING PROGRAM Click image to see movie.

  • 6 Controller of Controller_Densuke28
    Controller of Controller
    07:34 | Japan | 2016
    Dir: Densuke 28
  • “Controller of Controller”, directed by Desnuke 28, is a satirical short animation about a gamer within a game. The protagonist is sitting in a room, choosing a game character. The character he chose is playing a game in a video arcade within the game. He finds a virtual reality device in front of the arcade and plays a car racing game, wearing the VR device. During the race, he is caught by the police and then plays a shooting game through the VR screen. The story is based on the brilliant theme about a game character playing a game in which another character plays another game. It is reminiscent of the movie Inception, a movie about dream within a dream, and seems to be a satire of the recent trend of Mixed Reality (MR), like in Pokemon Go and virtual reality. The ending also shows the director’s wit, suggesting the protagonist was also part of a game. It makes us ask ourselves what really controls us when the border between the virtual reality and reality is becoming increasingly blurred.
    Selected and commented by Ki Young Park (Sugarcube)

  • 10 Serph_tarafu
    Serph – Feather (overdrive version) © noble
    04:52 | Japan | 2016
    Dir: Tarafu Otani
  • The fresh music with a sense of movement and animation in response to it seem continue to extend the image for “life”. Its nostalgic coloring is impressive somehow. The ending is also good, even though it makes us feel the transience such as fireworks or fireflies going scattered in the summer night sky.
    Selected and commented by Kenta Torimoto

  • 5 Your Gay Thoughts_densuke28
    Your Gay Thoughts – To Disappear
    03:23 | Japan | 2016
    Dir: Densuke 28
  • Sometimes we try to over-analyze our creative responses. Sometimes we compromise our choices by dissecting what moves us, what we enjoy. Sometimes the question isn’t “why?” This time the answer is “why not!” I don’t have a number of well-considered critiques to support my choice, I’m not looking for any — sometimes the best reason for choosing something is that it chooses you, the viewer. There’s a connection.
    Selected and commented by Ian Anderson (TDR)

  • 12 shiny shiny 2&3_PATANICA
    Shiny Shiny 2 & 3
    07:30 | Japan | 2016
    Dir: Patanica
    Music: Chikyunokiki
  • The arcade game “Xevious” which has been loved and affected to many people, including “Super Xevious” a music works relating its game music arranged by Haruomi Hosono. Too loved and cited, so I haven’t paid no attention to meet the homage and missed. But this video is fresh. It has now come full circle back to the beginning, and makes me pleasant and trip. This is a video that can glimpse a new scene of Sapporo.
    Selected and commented by Hideki Inaba

  • 9 affordance_nove
    18:26 | Japan | 2016
    Dir, Animation & Sound: Hayato Nove
    Editor: Tomoko Nove
    Mastering Engineer: Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC)
  • The title is “affordance”. Wikipedia says “An affordance is the possibility of an action on an object or environment. Psychologist James J. Gibson defined affordances as all action possibilities latent in the environment, independent of an individual’s ability to recognize them. Used ‘Afford’ redirects as meaning ‘to suggest’ or ‘to invite'”. It makes the concept dependent not only on the physical capabilities, but also on their goals, beliefs, and past experiences among the users’ interface for Design. Including original definition, interpret and misuse, onomatopoiesis is a treasure trove of very fertile imagination, because the meaning is clearly not determined. Took Nove’s work “affordance” visualized it by his own unique interpretation (or the exact opposite). The selection of the word (title), sequence configuration of 18 mins., and the synergistic representation of sound and visual are excellent. Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulz. Kang, Neu!, GURU GURU, and Kraftwerk. Feeding back the change of impression as if compete with consumption of changes in mode (image) such as Krautrock, minimal music and german electronica music while intensely reminding the former German Progressive Rock, it progress indifferently by the strength of the core in the 18 mins. The video work likely appears in my dream.
    Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi

  • 3 20140504―20150804_A_koseki
    03:26 | Japan | 2015
    Dir: Teppei Koseki
    Music: Anokos(from SenSe Exhibition Edit)
  • Just beautiful! It’s great to see an ordinary street corner of somewhere in Japan transformed into a form of art. I wonder if the director had a plan to make a music video like this when he started photographing it in the beginning. If so, I applaud his patience, planning and execution. 
    Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)


  • 13975518_1156315537766293_8258794924218729235_o
    04:00 | Japan | 2016
    Dir: Patanica
    Music: Qrion
    Photographer: Yusuke Momma
  • owtnnnn
    China Marble
    04:50 | Japan | 2016
    Dir: DigitalVegital.
    Lyric and Reading: owtn.
    Music: Slate
    Photographer: minaco.



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