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SHIFT is an online magazine about culture and creative industries, including art, design, fashion, music and multimedia.
Our magazine provides in-depth articles, such as interviews, exhibition/event reports, publications reviews, in both Japanese and English. It was launched in November 1996.

Being at the crossroad between Japan and the world abroad, we have received tremendous support from our Japanese and international readers since the very beginning. They are young people keen on world news, creative culture, but more specifically eager to learn about new trends in the Japanese creative industries. Online magazine SHIFT was launched in November 1996 and has 1 million monthly page views. We get an even amount of hits in our articles in Japanese and English.

Our target readership are Japanese and international emerging creatives, including students and professionals, aged 18 – 40 years old. It is considered as an info source by younger audience who are in tune with trend and latest culture.
SHIFT can be used as a platform for announcing upcoming exhibitions, events, job offers, online campaigns and product advertisements, as well as any global promotional campaigns.

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