THINGSText: Hanae Watanabe

It’s like playing with ORIGAMI and toy blocks from our childhood, likening them to buildings, animals or other figures. The everyday-design using three geometric figures—circle, triangle, square—are introduced in Geo/Graphics, the book newly released from the Hong Kong-based design book publisher, victionary.


The book gives us a chance to look at graphical products such as name cards, stationaries, etc., from a different point of view. The book especially focuses on the designs that have depth and texture by using just simple figures.


You can feel the dynamism, depth, light and dark—even temperature and texture—from the simple figures in the book, and notice that it happens just by the change of the size, number, color, the combination of the layer and position of the three figures. One also can enjoy the sense of fun in the design through the way of using the straight lines, curved lines, dots and the gathering of the individual figures.


The simple and straightforward design without frills allows viewers to use their imagination. The book shows the beauty of an in-depth calculation of simple figures.

<img alt="geo-graphics_05.jpg" src="" width="450" height="301" /

After reading this book, you will think more about the shape of a circle, triangle and square in the everyday life—allowing for new discoveries. The other day, my two-year-old niece saw the star shape and recognized it as flower. Like her, the book will give you a new perspective of design in your life.

Spec: 190 x 258 mm, 256 pages
Publish: Victionary
Language: English
Release: October, 2012

Text: Hanae Watanabe
Translation: Eri Tsuji

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