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La Feliz is a very unique place. From a one of a kind lamp, to an hexagonal table, to stationery wood objects, everything can be found at this laboratory of materials. Commanded by the designer Patricio Lix Klett and his wife, Celeste Bernardini, this project has been out there for more than 10 years with a very prolific career. We have been at his enchanted showroom, which has two sides: one facing the street, where all the products are displayed; and another, on an underground level, full of tools and materials with which they make their creations.

La Feliz, Patricio Lix Klett and Celeste Bernardini Photo © Amparo Bernabe

Could you please introduce yourself first?

I studied industrial design in the University of Buenos Aires and then I did my specialization in TaiK University in Helsinki (which nowadays belongs to Aalto University), in Innovation. My first job was in Tramando, a fashion design textile company, this for me was my MBA. Through all this process Alejo Estebecorena, was my main teacher, while Martin Churba was my boss -at Tramando-, them both molded my design thinking process.

Acrylic exploration, breadbasket

How would you define “La Feliz”?

La Feliz is a craft-design – manufacture company that focuses in house items. We develop an intuitive-experimental method for achieving material objects, and then we design objects based on these conclusions. This method consists of three stages: investigation, material hypothesis and intuition.

What made you start the company?

I have my one way of understanding my society-system; any other company in my country did not solve the problems I saw, so I decided to try to sort them out 12 years ago.

Dishes by Mundo, mugs by La Feliz, lamp “Huup” and bookshelve by Hermanos Castellano.

Please tell us how a day in your life is.

I wake up around 6:00, after waking up at least one time during the night (I enjoy very much waking up in the middle of the night, because the reason is my 6 months-son). I have a coffee, play some iPhone game and randomly go from one thought to the other. I MAKE MY THINKING AT THIS HOUR. From 8:00 to lunch I solve the company’s every day problems, and in the afternoon I dedicate to routine stuff, since I am more tired by then. I love to finish my working day with a beer with friends or cooking for my wife!

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