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PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

This month’s SHIFT cover is designed by a Sweden based design company Stockholm Design Lab working in various fields; a total identity of Scandinavian Airlines, all sorts of product design, motion graphics, etc. In architecture, interior or everyday products, you already might be familiar with their design, which has the fandamental ideas of “simplicity, innovation and excellence.”

Could you introduce about yourself and Stockholm Design Lab? Could you tell us the beginning of Stockholm Design Lab?

Bjorn Kusoffsky and Thomas Erikson founders/Creative Directors of the multidisciplinary design company Stockholm Design Lab (SDL). Established in 1998 as an reaction towards ordinary design companies working mainly with packaging and corporate identity.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

How did the Stockholm Design Lab establish?

Our first assignment SAS Scandinavian Airlines helped us to explore our idea to work on all parts of a total identity. 2700 different items to design individually, everything from aircraft livery, wet wipes to lounges and uniforms. Practising graphic design, strategy, architecture and interior (together with TEARK), moving graphics, packaging design.

What kind of fields are you mainly working on these days?

Clients include SAS, IKEA, Filippa K, Hästens Beds, Askul Corp., Museum of Modern Art, Universal Music and Astoria Cinemas among others.

Filippa K

Could you introduce us about the motion work projects?

A lot of our clients come from our own personal interest in music, art, architecture, sports and fashion. Moving graphics and especially title sequences has always been a major inspiration. Bjorn Kusoffsky has worked with this since 1989 and selects different projects from the Film and TV business. For SDL it’s a natural part of graphic design. Working in a 2 > dimensional manner adding music, sound and movement. Exploring the contrast between these fields.

Askul Corp

You are taking active part not only in Sweden, but also in Japan. How do you connect with Japan?

Japan inspires us. The clients we work with have a very natural and understanding appreciation of our way of thinking. There are a lot of similarities between Japan and Sweden. They seem to know more about us than most European clients.

What is your philosophy or policy in designing?

To work with design as a tool to make a change.

Museum of Modern Art

Could you introduce us about the cover design for SHIFT?

Global “Shift” Network.

What would you like to try in the future?

Redesign the Swedish police force. Shape the identity of Diamyd Medical. Help LMVH to explore new ways of communicating fashion. Have even more fun.

At the last, please give a message to SHIFT’s readers.

Do your Best. Always.

Stockholm Design Lab AB
Address: 17 Riddargatan, SE-114 57 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 5555 1900

Text: Yurie Hatano

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