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2027Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

The next day. While I was relaxing in my room, 21LO hurried to the room. As I was busy for my work at Time Company, he went to meet the curious guy for me.

2027 - A Man With Hat

2 “Whew…… I went to Club Swamp…… Dashing cut me the hangover body…… Whew”
K “So, ho ho how was it!?”
2 “The interior design had changed…… Whew”
K “Not about it! Did you meet the guy?”
2 “Oh, right. I met him. A man with hat…… Whew”
K “Well, have some water”
21LO gulps water.
K “Did you cool down? So how did it go?”
2 “Yeah well, he gave me his card. Look at this”
He took out a name card from his pocket.
K “Oh? Let’s put it through the card reader. Ok. Wolfgang Homan. Sounds snobbish. Who was he?”
2 “Hmmm. You know the sound in Club Swamp is loud, so I didn’t get to know who he was…… I looked into his face, he bent his head. As I looked too much, his white eyes glared at me. Anyway, I saw Banri Flip at Swamp. He was kind of high, acting like a celebrity”
K “Wow! Really? Did he appear in such a place?”
2 “He made a bow to the card guy Mr. Homan”
K “Um”
2 “He was totally bowing to the guy. You know that Sherry of Banri Flip!”


K “Wow. Scary. What is that? Does that mean the Homan guy is mafia or something?”
2 “Hmmm. It’s more like, you know he told me things like he would cooperate with us…… So I guess he’s a nice guy”
K “What would he cooperate with us for more specifically?”
2 “Well, he looked like he wants to pay attention to us. He said he will help us for the radio”
K “So what. He is a weird, but a nice guy?”
2 “Yeah. He gave me drink tickets. 20 of them. That made me drink too much……”
K “You didn’t have to drink all for one night!
2 “I felt the limit of the Zakuien’s alcohol degradation capability”
K “Dumb”
2 “Well well”
K “So, does he want to be a sponsor or what?”
2 “Yeah. He invited me to the VIP room and talked about his grand project, but I can’t remember it…… The drink was good. And his talk was too long and he used many difficult business terms. So what was it? Seems a big company that makes movies…… And he said we can make whatever we want, but he said we can’t totally be free either”
K “What is that. Weird. With a condition?”
2 “Yeah. That’s right. But it wouldn’t be a problem that much I guess”
K “How do you think so?”
2 “Because…… Don’t you want to think like that way?
K “Anyway I wanna see him once. How does he look like?
2 “Hmm……”


2 “Well, I was surprised by his unimpressive look. I even glanced at him under the light”
K “You mean totally none?”
2 “What strikes me was his hat and coat”
K “How old?”
2 “Don’t know. I guess he is an old guy, with eyeglasses may be……”
K “Hey, come on”
2 “Maybe it was a feathered hat. His hair was either shaved or permed”
K “It’s opposite”
2 “Well, he looks blurred”
K “Umm”

The curious guy is still curious.
Shouldn’t have left this to 21LO…… What else should I do?
Anyway what we can do is to just wait and see what’s coming next for this good(?) story.

Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa
Translation: Mariko Takei
Photos: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

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