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2027Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

2027 - In Conclusion

My feeling right now could be compared to “Imprisoned Housemaid and Marriage Consultant” by again Rupert Pola. Hanged up on the wall of the Tokyo International Communication Memorial Center, the famous painting was painted with the artist’s semen, which has an impact on its cool and organized stroke.

What if I kept picking garbages and working for a part-time job as before? Life. Everyday. Well it shouldn’t be that bad. Fussed over it, I decided to bet on forthcoming possibilities. On second though, why didn’t I answer to Hohman immediately?

Any more problems? I think such question is a small thing.

Japanese room.
Portable toilet.
Hard disc.

No need to sort anymore. I fell into the habit.
I won’t dream of the part-time job soon.
Will I really stop dreaming it?

What I should do now is to take off in one direction with raising my both arms like the housemaid in the painting.

Ring Ring……
Ring Ring……
Ring Ring……

“Mr. Hohman? Can I meet with you from now?”

Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa
Translation: Mariko Takei
Photos: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

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