HAPPENINGText: Sayaka Hirakawa

It can happen on such a small space, like post card size, rather business card size paper. It is consisted by line, shape, color and space. what a simple matter it is made of. When you think of graphic design, you may find out that everything around you actually exist to be designed somehow.


Alan Fletcher: 50 Years Of Graphic Work (And Play)” is an exhibition of Alan Fletcher who sadly passed away last year, also who had been a pioneer of British graphic design. He was known as one of the founder of “Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, and also he had Polaroid, Pirelli, IBM and V&A museum as major clients. His works are said that simple and elegant at the same time, witty and playful.


This exhibition had hundreds of his works include greeting cards for companies, posters, book cover design, package design, stationary and so on. some private works such as a post card to his wife Paola tells us that design must means not only his work but also his life itself.


When you enter first exhibition room, Pirelle’s slippers poster printed on London bus welcomed you. You may feel like smiling at this design that uses passengers seen from the window very smartly. Next to it, there were a slipper holder. A animal shape card board holder must attract consumer a lot more than slippers themselves, it seems like.

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