2027Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

2027 - A Call from the Man

Ring Ring……
Ring Ring……

It rings. It will ring. It will ring for sure. That’s what I thought one afternoon.
It was Hohman as I expected.

Hohman “Hello. It’s Hohman, the mystery man”
K “Ahh…… What kind of joke is it?”
Hohman “Don’t be so serious. I’m looking forward to becoming your business partner. I’d like to meet you soon. The other day, I had some drinks with 21LO for a short time”
K “You said business partner, but we haven’t decided it yet……”
Hohman “Sure. It’s just the beginning”
K “Right”
Hohman “Actually, I’ve worked as a host for a pirate radio station when I was a student. It was about 20 years ago. I don’t mean because of that, but I feel close to your valiant act strongly. I haven’t felt like this for a long time”
K “Thank you”
Hohman “I’m the one who should thank you because you encouraged me. My radio show wasn’t popular……. And at the time, we were in the dawn of the pirate radio, so there was little possibility to it….. As a voice of the young people, you two are really fabulous. Please blow your art in my company CREAM!”
K “Blow….. Hmm…… Let’s talk anyway”
Hohman “Thank you. I’m glad to hear that”

Fixed on a time and place to meet, I hung up the call.
Hohman on the phone wasn’t that bad guy as was expected.
I was surprised by the fact that he has worked on the radio before.

How about this?
We discuss this matter on the radio show?

Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa
Translation: Mariko Takei
Photos: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

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