2027Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

2027 - The Radio GEMPEG Show

K “Ok. So who is your favorite star? I like Asimov, Mr. T, Stan Leedanny Elfmanm, David Byrne, ECD and of course N.S.O.W. Crew” 2 “Ah, K likes NEW SHIT ON THE WEB” K “NEW SHIT ON THE WEB is a major star, right? They’re popular. How nice. They live in a huge mansion, right? Deep in the mountains” 2 “I visited the front of their house last summer and took some photos” K “You have nothing to do. Well I understand though. My favorite techno artist is NOKK” 2 “The German one?” K “It’s the best” 2 “I like the track GONG CONG KONG” K “Yeah. Dying for the beat” 2 “Desperate to dance all night long” K “I have the GONG CONG KONG 12 inch” 2 “That’s nice, I want one” K “Ok, so what’s your favorite Zakuien music?” 2 “I don’t wanna talk about it. Because if I talk about it to you, then you’ll steal them all from me” K “When did I do that?” 2 “I once talked a bit about PLkS, and you acted like you’ve known them for a long time! Can you stop things like that?” K “Hey, come on! Don’t tell me things like that!” 2 “Well I forgive you. Ok, so K2AZ is popular on the back side of the Zaku” K “Don’t know them. K2AZ” 2 “I’ll download it. On earth they are known as Ko Two An Zen. K2AZ refers to the initial letters” K “Ko Two An Zen! That’s the best. What is the sound like?” 2 “I4Type” K “Hmm. That’s weird. How many years ago?” 2 “About 35 years ago. They released the 35th anniversary edition the other day. A son of the member did a remix for it. There are some objections to it though” K “Give me a break on things like a son doing a remix? It’s not good for the historical revisionism” 2 “Ah. Right. Do you like 3Kn4?” K “The Zakuien’s diva. I saw her documentary film. I kinda like her” 2 “The back track of 3Kn4’s single “Beautiful Concert” is made by K2AZ” K “Wow! Really? I assumed it was by 238!” 2 “Which means is it same thing on “ViDEO199”?” K “That was imitated. Things around that sound similar. It was an age with that sound” 2 “It’s deep. I want to go to the Zaku and get more information about it” K “Let’s go there next time. We need money though” 2 “Let’s save money to go there some day. So, how about movies?” K “My favorite movie?” 2 “How about Kubrick?” K “Hmmm. He is hype” 2 “Why? Why?” K “Because after shooting Spartacus, he acted his part like for his fame. It seems he finally became one of the artistic directors, you know?” 2 “Well but that’s what all those great movie directors of the 20th century is all about. No?” K “ Yeah? But I don’t like “Eyes Wide Shut”……” K “Why? In the last part, what does the words “It’s old fashioned” mean?” 2 “Hmmm. That means, perhaps, like “it is a movie by the stage where there’s no internet yet. Does K like it?” 2 “Hmmm. You know the theory that Kubrick is still alive? I kinda believe it actually” K “Could he die right after the movie which was completed just before the 20th century is over?” K “Yeah. So you think Kubrick would die after entering 2001” 2 “There are sighting reports in the Zaku” 2 “That’s like disinformation!” K “There is another story in Brazil. There are actually sightings” 2 “Oh. Speaking about Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer. The age of 120!” K “Please don’t change the subject. There are quite many maniacs who search for Kubrick in Brazil” 2 “Yeah. My favorite directors are Romero, Lynch, Ridley Scott, Ishiro Honda. CHEE SHIMIZU, Richard Hamilton…… And Danshi Tatekawa, Luis Buñuel……” K “Hey! The last ones are not about movies!” 2 “Oh, right. Sorry” K “21LO likes gloomy ones” 2 “Gloomy? The Zaku is relatively a bright star. You will fall down without sunglasses” K “Here you go! The Zakuien with Kansai intonation! You’d be better off becoming a comedian for sure!” 2 “Yeah? I need to research watching The Bonchi videos then. The best one is Nakata Kausu Botan!” K “Oh, right. They may be the best one. I saw them on TV the other day and laughed my head off. The Zaku comedy is also one of the best. The one who crush a drum very thin!” 2 “Ah, LmNt! K “They are the best. Their name is also cool! I guess the gravity in the earth and the Zaku is different, isn’t it?” 2 “Yeah. That’s how the joke is competed. So that’s powerful” K “That’s really stunning. Haha! It gives me the laughs just remembering it……” 2 “ Hahaha. But you know, they are almost like doing same thing at the same time every single day after school. For about 20 years. It’s what is called a stereotypical joke” K “Stereotypical one. Yeah. So the master LmNt has been popular again on earth” 2 “It’s minor popular though” K “Well, you’re right. So he should be happy even it’s minor. He must be happy for the pure reaction in the earth” 2 “Oh yeah. Hey you know Telex?” K “Yeah. The famous track “DISCO MOSCOW”” 2 “Yeah. Have you watched LmNt doing jokes with that music?” K “Don’t know. How is it like?” 2 “The joke about scraping a taxi!!!” K “Hahaha!!! My stomach hurts!!! Why Telex?” 2 “Don’t know it at all! They have a Giorgio Moroder version too” K “Do they like it?” 2 “Maybe. I heard Ken Shimura likes Uriah Heep. So it’s possible” 2 “Right. Did you know Master Ken Shimura is the first one who scratched in the world? K “What was that? I’ve heard about it” 2 “It’s more like he twirls and inversely twirls a record by hands in his comedy show” K “Even before Grand Master Flash did it?” 2 “Yeah. I’m curious. The comedy world actually goes first.” K “It is questioned if it make us laugh quickly or not” 2 “Yeah. It evolves more and more. K “Hitoshi Matsumoto” 2 “Yeah. Hitoshi Matsumoto’s broadcasting room” K “Eric Idle” 2 “Ah, awesome” K “For design, Keita Ishiguro? Peter Saville?” 2 “I’m not interested in design” K “But you reacted to the cover work for Neuromancer by Yukimasa Okumura, didn’t you?” 2 “Did I? But I definitely go with Dick rather than Gibson” K “Dick is Doraemon” 2 What?” K “Well he’s like secret device, you know?” 2 “Sorry, don’t know what you mean at all. Ok ok. Let’s go on to the music!” K “Well ok. The electoric music by Karl Bartos is. Say it” 2 “BABY COME BACK! Cover music? Of course it’s unauthorized” K “Here you go!!”

Text: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa
Translation: Mariko Takei
Photos: Kurando Furuya, Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoki Kurokawa

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