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THINGSText: Satomi Gentsu

A new book “Simply Pattern” has been published from a Hong Kong based publisher dedicated to design and art, “Victionary“. This is the second edition in the Simply series.

Simply Pattern

This book features works by about 70 artists used patterns (a repeated decorative design, instructions, model, arrangement, sequence, etc) close to everyday life divided into the category of Fashion, Product and Environment.

Here is the high light of each category.

Simply Pattern

The first pages show works by Marcus James. There are many other works with nature motifs in this book, but the subtlety and moving feelings of his works stand out among those. A story might be made by delicately changing the alignment of several kinds of materials.

Simply Pattern

And because the story is delicate, the work somehow shows fleetingness of life. As one of the characteristics of Fashion category, there are fascinations as clothes to be wore, interactive patterns with humans “move” especially in his works.

Simply Pattern

Next is the Locker series by Egg Designs in Product category. The simple approach like “Flat x Flat = Solid” shows various interesting visual effects. This work is built like lockers we usually see in the places like stations. The steel with one flower motif in four directions is being laser-cuts, and shows various expressions depending on the amount of lights and its direction. As if the strong sun light in South Africa where they are from, their works also provide strong impressions with bright colours.

Simply Pattern

Lastly, works by 5.5 designers in Environment category. This category features works close to “living”, mainly wall paper works, looking for the plus effect by design to our livings. 5.5 designers’ work has a play space on the wall itself; squares for OX game, random alphabets to be enclosed by a word, and an astounding smaller labyrinth at goal. This is the unknown amusingness that totally new patterns might be made by each experience.

Thinking of those things more in our everyday lives, those effects are infinite and can be one of the approaches proving design possibilities.
This is a fascinating book giving out overwhelming creative possibilities by a world of patterns.

Simply Pattern
Author: Neubau
Publisher: viction:ary
Specification: 240 pages, 25.4 x 21.2 x 2.8 cm
Language: English
Release Date: June 30th, 2008
ISBN: 9889822989

Text: Satomi Gentsu
Translation: Yurie Hatano

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