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THINGSText: Hikaru Nakasuji

The first retrospective of solitary artist Teppei Takeda, “Paintings of Painting” has just been published by United Vagabonds. Teppei Takeda’s work, secret until now, finally get shared with the public. An exhibition in Tokyo is held concurrently with the release of the book. In this article, I am keeping the details to the minimum, so that you can enjoy the differences between the book and the real work.

Teppei Takeda, “PAINTING OF PAINTING 003”, 2014, Acrylic on paper, wooden board, 910x727mm, Private collection © Teppei Takeda / Maho Kubota Gallery

I first read the book and then headed to Maho Kubota Gallery in Jingumae, Tokyo. What I saw there was not simple portraits, but something different than human beings. A completely new concept never seen before.

Living beings define the sensory information received, as it gets organized, interpreted and consciously experienced. At the first sight of the exhibition, I felt that the interpretation of Teppei Takeda’s work is not following its impact so well. I moved around the gallery to come closer to his work, go far away, angle it, trying to see over and over again. While seen on paper, it feels like seeing an object without glasses, but the details become clearer once seen at the gallery.

Teppei Takeda, “PAINTING OF PAINTING 003”, 2014, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 910x727mm © Teppei Takeda / MMaho Kubota Gallery

Nonetheless, the emotion felt when I saw his work in the book wasn’t wrong: it was some sort of personal truth at that specific moment in time. What I see, what I feel, is the most important and can not be wrong. Takeda’s work reminds me of this kind of sensation. Perhaps inspiration is rather important when facing art.

Production Scene 1

I’d also like to talk about the title of the paintings. Takeda first draws an esquisse and recreates it into a different painting. ‘Paintings of Painting’ implies the concept of reinterpretation of the original esquisse. At any phase of the production, every little change towards the final result of the painting hold its truth.

Production Scene 2

It may look three-dimensional and vigorous, however, every line is drawn based on a very sensitive and precise design. It is only accomplished by following the design perfectly. Audiences fall to a misapprehension easily because of it. The visual perception of a human being is so unreliable. Though sometimes it may be fun to play with the perception and ponder.

Teppei Takeda “Paintings of Painting”
Price: 5,000 yen (tax not included)
Publication Date: September 2019
Specification: 259×303 mm / 80 pages / hardcover / emboss printing / folded poster (910×727mm)
Published by: United Vagabonds

Text: Hikaru Nakasuji

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