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THINGSText: Haruka Kibata

A new book has been published from Viction:ary, a Hong Kong based publisher dedicated to art. The book titled “Simply Material” is the first in the Simply series.

Simply Material

This book features more than 70 artists and their various motives. There are commodities like mats, vases and pots as well as furniture like chairs, lights, chests, and public facilities like benches and run ways. The works are not only artistic. Useful commodities are very important. So, simply by changing the materials, we can find “art” or “beauty” in our daily life.

Simply Material

The materials are plastic, wood, acrylic fiber, LED, bamboo and so on. It is aiso important to ask the question “what materials combine to create which works”. This book has 4 categories. “Geometic”, “Organic”, ”Decoractive” and “Illusive” and the works play second string to the materials.

There are some remarkable entries in each category.

Simply Material

BOEK (Piet Hein Eek)’s work,”Dentist’s denture moulds cabinet” uses aluminum and scrap wood as his material. Dentist offers this work, so this has a gurantee for conveniently. All the scrap wood is rectangular, but the various colors form other shapes.

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