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THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

See you tomorrow“, they are artists of interdisciplinary background, designing and making wide range of things from wearable accessories, handmade books to odd furniture pieces.

In branding, it seems like everyone have something to say, but when the artists duo, Foo Aiwei and Dennis Tan were asked, they laughed and quipped that they have nothing to say and in fact, are more keen on being about listening since they think all is said and too often. Their brand is antithesis of a brand, tag with “a signifier of greater hope, a minimalists and flea mart clash”, have since won them a small cult-followings. They are taking it more seriously, well not serious in a commercial way, they are still nowhere near profit making at all but serious in having more fun, making more things.

“See you tomorrow”, has been around for less than a year but have seen them making a wide range of things from quirky wearable accessories for home grown fashion label on a catwalk, to one off hand-made books going to Tokyo Book Fair.

Their vernacular methods to designing and making things have won fans because it made beauty out of imperfection, yes, so simple yet something more to it that, it is hard to pin down. Now in this amnesiac short-term memory fashion world, we wait and see if it last for another tomorrow. See you tomorrow!

Text: Yurie Hatano

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