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Ms Foo Aiwei is a 29-year-old multimedia artist better known as the founder of quirky creative label, See You Tomorrow. Through the label, Ms Foo has created whimsical and one-of-a-kind artworks blending design and art from handmade books, accessories to neck cushions. The Borneo born artist had moved to Singapore when she was eighteen and was first trained in Fine Arts then Apparel Design & Merchandising. At the moment, she is collaborating with designer Herman Rahoam on a new label called EverydayWeekend, items of which can be bought off the shelves at Asylum after the 18 Jan opening exhibition showcasing furniture, visuals and music.

Foo Aiwei

What made you start See You Tomorrow?

There are many things of different genres that I want to explore and I have always wanted to start something of my own. See You Tomorrow is a starting point and provides a base for me to move forward with my ideas.

What is the significance of “See You Tomorrow”?

See You Tomorrow is probably a persona that I use to create and tell stories with, through which I can step out of reality, from the mundanities in everyday life and give myself some form of a happy therapy. Although See You Tomorrow is a parting line, I think of it more as a signifier of a greater hope, of the possibility of seeing someone or something that you may not be able to meet again in your life.

Foo Aiwei
Red Sleeve

See You Tomorrow seems to dabble in quite a bit of things – accessories, illustration, writing, design, etc. How do you define exactly what you do?

It is hard to define indeed, at the risk of sounding cliché, I guess it is probably a marriage of design and art. When I was young, I had wanted to become a writer, a film maker or a dancer. I think I am subconsciously injecting elements of these unfulfilled “ambitions” into my current works. I like a cross-disciplinary approach because I find it less boring.

Do you have a day job?

Actually yes, I work as an assistant designer for a fashion label, in charge of mostly graphic and production aspects.

Foo Aiwei
Rest Together Couple Neck Cushions

What inspired you to do The Over Romanticised, 2005 series?

This is a commentary on relationship, on how the intimacy that grows between two complete strangers is somewhat magical (as natural as fishes and water) yet strangely bonded. The objects that I have made – Rest Together Couple Neck Cushions, Stay Next To Me Couple Knitted Chain, Look At Me Couple Knitted Chain, Hold My Hand Firmly When We Deeply In Love Jointed Couple T Shirt – were designed in such a way whereby bonding can be perceived as an obligation or pleasure. I am curious and skeptical about how love and affections play a role in our life even as we are being pinned down by them like a fly stuck to a mud pie.

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