HAPPENINGText: Amelia Ijiri

The Museum of Kyoto is the venue for 40 contemporary artists under the age of 40 selected to exhibit in Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2020 – Selected Up-and-coming Artists Exhibition from January 25th to February 9th.

From special exhibition “Utakata no Kasane”, Aiko Miyanaga “waiting for awakening -chair-”, 2017, Naphthalene, Resin, Mixedmedia / “life”, 2018-2019, Resin, air

This annual event ran concurrently with Aiko Miyanaga’s mixed media sculpture and installation that explores change, transparency, and time through the process of encasing everyday objects in clear resin as a special exhibition “Utakata no Kasane”.

Kanako Shintaku “I’m still alive”

This year’s talent includes Kanako Shintaku, who took home the NHK Broadcasting Prize. She uses her body as a canvas, and then prints inkjet images of her colorful landscapes. “I’m still alive” expresses the “mind tripping” process of being covered in paint and then being “reincarnated” as her unpainted self.

Kao Tzu-Ting “Ghost Marriage”

Kao Tzu-Ting’s “Ghost Marriage” is a Taiwanese bride walking through two painted silk screen panels looking back through the character for Happiness. This work is a commentary on the changes in Taiwanese cultural traditions regarding same-sex unions. In Taiwan, if a woman dies unmarried, relatives put money in a red envelope on the roadside, and whoever picks it up, marries the dead person. Today, the marriage union can take place between two women.

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