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The contemporary dance he embodies is dramatic and slightly nostalgic.
Yuya Fujinami is based in Berlin. He is a dancer who is drawing attention from all over Europe, including direct offers from world-famous Constanta Macras / Dorky Park and Sasha Walz.
I remember when meeting him for the first time at the “Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019” in Berlin this June, my heart beats increased at the beginning. This time, I traced his roots and talked about from the process to production.

Photo: Ari Matsuoka

First of all, please introduce yourself.

It has been 4 years as a dancer living in Berlin. Born in Saitama, I studied dance and gymnastics and studied dance in Rome at the age of 14. After that, I graduated from a German ballet school founded by choreographer John Neumeier.

The Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019 was held in Berlin in June. Please tell us about the theme and the background of the production of “E T H E R E A L”, a collaboration with Greek dancer Emanuela Dorianity.

A short 10-minute work called “memini” is the beginning of the joint production, so this work was created by her to make an overall 60-minute long piece.
Sometimes dreams can become out of control, even after they have gone through puberty and become adults. In the performance, I was puzzled and struggling with “something” that it shakes my body and runs away. Then by facing the memory played by Emanuela, it gradually returns to my original ideal form.
The last 10 minutes are the most intense for us in the story that will be linked to the previous work we made. Because I loved what I have produced so far, I felt it was more beautiful to connect the dance to the previous work in the final stage. The audience also suggested the idea that it would be interesting to follow the story line by comparing the two works.
Actually, I started making “E T H E R E A L” around February 2018, but after finishing the performance in front of the customers on a trial basis, my knee got injured and then I couldn’t dance completely for a year.
While being injured, I traveled alone to Greece, Albania, and Kosovo on a hitchhike for rehabilitation. Engaging in local music and city’s unique culture has been a wonderful experience for me and has led to my current style.

E T H E R E A L Trailer

Do you think music is closely related to choreography and stories?

I feel that very much. “E T H E R E A L” was produced after telling the story and concept to the stage acoustic artist Stefano Ciardi. I have a better friendship with him than before, and regarding music it will be almost replicated as its original idea, so I think his thoughts and my thoughts are very similar. Stage sound not only plays in recorded sound sources, but also plays in live.
I think that the music he makes can be reflected only when there is a sense of ambience in the field.

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