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PLACEText: Victor Moreno

A hidden gem in the surroundings of Stockholm archipelago along the Baltic sea, the Bay in Värmdö, Artipelag is at the conjunction of Scandinavian nature, art, and design. A visit here is a unique experience in the beauty of contrasts: the rugged rocks and cliffs, the curly pines and fluffy meadows against the sleek concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows; the ebbs of the Baltic against the boardwalk’s lines, the calm beach against the giant metallic sculptures. Conceived by Björn Jakobson in 2000, this piece of architectural work serves as a cultural space for art, music, food, social gathering, and intellectual exchange. In addition, the museum can be accessed whether arriving by land or by boat. Sailing around the archipelago is one of the favorite activities for many living in Stockholm. It is very easy to experience the Nordic nature, the sense of freedom, its diversity and unique light. This is one of the starting points that triggered the idea of the location to Björn Jakobson.

© Artipelag

Embedded between the hills along the coastal rock, the building’s rooms are positioned towards this cinematic landscape. It took about ten years from its conception when it was constructed in 2010. An important characteristic was to keep the surrounding of the building untouched, as Nature intended, hence vegetations and cliffs were preserved. Furthermore, at the entrance to the restaurant is the “Bådan”, an untouched metamorphic Gneiss rock now an installation, part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Bådan Cafe, Photo: Mike Kelley © Artipelag

Also the paths around the building are an important part of the experience when visiting Artipelag. In fact, part of the permanent collection, Sculptures in Nature is an outdoor exhibition along the seashore; always open, you have the possibility of walking while enjoying art and nature. This permanent exhibition represents Artipelag’s DNA, inspired by the movement of “Sculpture in the expanded field”, first coined by Rosalind Krauss in the late 1970s.

Bigert & Bergström “Solar Egg” 2017 © Artipelag

The varying landscapes and art pieces mingle in this walk transforming the perception of each sculpture independently. The list of artists who have contributed include, among others, Lars Nilsson, Maria Miesenberger and Bigert & Bergström whose piece “Solar Egg” – a giant, golden, egg-shaped cubicle – is in fact a sauna, which has made a road trip to different Scandinavian surroundings.

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