Think Scandinavian furniture design, and more often than not, handcrafted, sleek, contemporary and minimalist come to mind. Think Verner Panton and one forgets that his works originated from the 60s. The Panton Chair for example, is a current fixture in many of a lounge, cafe and home. Such is the relevance and timelessness of Panton’s experimentations and contribution to the world of furniture design in the latter half of the 20th Century.


Verner Panton – The collected works documents Panton’s career that spanned across half a century with over 100 chairs. On showcase was one of Panton’s earlier furniture works, the Bachelor chair. Playing on the idea of reassembly, it marks his foray into functionalism, mobile and systems furniture.


Besides chairs, lights, lamps, fabric and parti sketches were also on display, demonstrating Panton’s philosophy on colour, spatial experience and form. Interestingly, photos of restaurant interiors in the 60s donning Panton’s lamps, fabrics and chairs could be mistaken for a chic restaurant of day.


“Sitting should also be fun – like playing – an exciting experience.” – Verner Panton

While the precious collection of original and limited chairs are off limits to visitors, the Phantasy Landscape allows the inquisitive to experience first hand Panton’s delightful world of colour and form as they are invited to walkthrough, touch the fabric and even sit on the works. An invitation to experience Panton’s world.

Verner Panton – The collected works
Date: May 15th – July 12th 2009
Place: National Museum of Singapore
Address: 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897
Tel: +65 6332 3659

Text: Fann ZJ
Photos: Courtesy of National Museum of Singapore

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