PLACEText: Victor Moreno

“We let the nature create”.


In barely 2 years, Björn Frantzén has established himself as a worldwide referent in Scandinavian cuisine. Winner of Michelin star among other important awards during 2009, generates hi-standard expectations about his restaurant but also Frantzén/Lindeberg is one of the most special spots in Stockholm.

The place is located in the mystic and cozy Old Town, Gamla Stan. Here Björn offers a unique experience. There are just 6 tables, almost as many of the staff as a guests, the kitchen is open to the public, so you can see Björn and his team working in front of you, however still with a homely feeling. In addition, it´s a perfect combination to get the charismatic and literary place of Gamla Stan to the other side of the big windows. It creates a cool mix with a foggy Stockholm night outside.

The restaurant has its own bakery across the street, it´s called Lindeberg, which is also a cocktail bar by night. Sourbread “surdegsbröd”, “knäckebröd” with anis, and smoked butter are just a few examples and they are hardly comparable to anything else you could imagine.

Drinks follows the tastes of the food, it is as important as the food indeed. An unusual selection of wines, exciting moments and also cider is served to the cheese.

At Frantzén/Lindeberg there is no menu, here you find what is called “Carte blanche”, you can select between 6 or 8 different dishes that changes regarding the raw materials selected every week.

When I met Björn Frantzén at the very first instance I have to admit I was a bit surprised to see a person from my generation. We cordially talked about his cuisine, his persona and some secrets of this roller-coaster experience called Frantzén/Lindeberg.


How is the Culinary School sector in Scandinavia?

In Sweden, all the people that goes to the culinary school needs to learn different subjects. It´s not too much practice. Normally you go to the Culinary School for 3 years and then you have the idea to work in a restaurant. If you don´t know what to do in life, you should be focused on that. About 75% is that you have to study.

Have you got any extra education/experience abroad?

Yes, I got 5 years in London and one year in Paris.

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