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Mother Nature created Michanwi Pingwe beach on a whim and the guys from The Rock restaurant did the rest: their sophisticated hut is perched atop an uncanny coral outcrop just off the seashore, which at high tide becomes an island. Some places of this world are essentially made compelling and special by nature. This is when the spectacular beauty of nature gets totally exposed. These awe-inspiring locations draw upon a new message towards our globalized society at the beginning of the twenty-first century: yes, uniqueness still can be found.

Photo: Victor Moreno

Obviously, we all love to find amazing places for our holiday destinations, looking for them on every single nook and cranny of this world. This time, we will save you the effort by giving you precise coordinates. Go to Zanzibar, the main island belonging to Tanzania in East Africa in the Indian Ocean. If you strive for finding the perfect beach – like a Leonardo DiCaprio seeking utopia in Danny Boyle’s film – albeit astonishing beaches can be found in Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, California, and the like, altogether, in Zanzibar you will find beaches like nowhere else, out of this world, and primarily for low tide lovers. Most of these blissful beaches are located in the Northern and the Eastern part of the island. Those who seek more hustle and nightlife go north and the ones looking for more relax do east. Nevertheless, don’t expect this is a cheap vacation idea, although it can be quite decent in accord with the alleged lifestyle.

Photo: Victor Moreno

The perfect white sands and the marshy tidelands make this seashore so unique. The barrier reef lies several kilometres out, so the lagoon in between is a mix of sandbanks, coral reefs and shallow water, great for snorkelling, and for poking around pools at low tide. Regarding the culinary experience in the island, seafood is king, and one of the best places to enjoy seafood is at the Rock. This restaurant formally named “Rocky Restaurant” is not any secret anymore, so booking in advance will be a good idea. The menu is almost entirely seafood. As a matter of fact, lobster is their signature dish. For $55 The Rock Special is a seafood party, all made on the grill: lobster, cigal – which is a marine crayfish – jumbo prawn, fish filet and calamari.

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The restaurant offers 12 tables for diners and also there is the possibility to have a drink on the terrace, where the beautiful hues of turquois embrace the surrounding waters until moonlight rises over the Indian Ocean. Remember, you are in Africa, so things take longer: laid back, relax and enjoy the ride. In addition to the lobster, another classic is the catch of the day, which introduces different fishes of the likes of jackfish, kingfish, squid and octopus to add variety to the menu.

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