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HAPPENINGText: Jeremy Tai

Soccer is a major spectator-sport the world over, so it’s no surprise to see the streets in Hamburg empty when the World Cup is running. One only has to walk into any bar to see most everyone sitting in front of a television, eyes glued to the green playing field and the men that run-up and down the grass trying to score a goal. I’ve been to two games, bars while games were being played and depending on who’s playing, the atmosphere can be quite different.

While watching the German team play with the American team in the Geyer Café, the mood was quite serious. Although the German team was winning through out the match, the German fans kept a somber attitude until the very end.

In great contrast to the German vs. USA match was the Brazil vs. Morocco. BRAZIL!
Yes that’s right, the winners of World Cup ’94 are also celebrated here in Germany.
Brazil fans were more into a partying kind of mood and not as serious as the German fans. Perhaps just as serious but not so somber-like in the seriousness. I overheard some fan say it would come down to Germany playing Brazil in the final match. Then we’ll see who cheers for whom.

Text: Jeremy Tai

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