THINGSText: Julio Cesar Palacio

The Dead, The Damned And The Children Of The Revolution shows the work of JuJu Delivery, who approaches the teenage inestable life stile with an elegant use of drawing, picturing fears, dogmas, cuestions, love and loneliness.

Those are just a few names of the Book collection that Rojo Edicions brings out every 6 month aproximetly. Each book is a little jewel showing new approaches to art disciplines like illustration, graphic design, street art, graffiti, photography.

The launch of the new 4 books was presented in the opening of the Summer Group Show by Iguapop presenting artwork by Lolo + Sosaku, Mike Swaney, Nerea Pozo, Monika Aichele, San and the amazing funny-religious work by the Andaluz duo Emotive Project.

You can find the limited edition books in the best bookstores in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, etc… But the great big news for those who wanted to order them via mail, is that the distribution worldwide does not charge you the adittional distribution service, so you will recieve your book at home (wherever you are) for the same price you pay at a bookstore.

Text: Julio Cesar Palacio
Photos: Julio Cesar Palacio
Additional Photos: Courtesy of Rojo®

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