PEOPLEText: Shinobu Koike

A design company Amazing Twins was formed by Benny Au and Colan Ho at 1994. At the same time, the company logo named Amazing Twins were born which have become their trademark characters and often appeared on their works. Amazing Twins’ main products are postcards which Benny and Colan express their creativity fully on. At 1996, they won several awards in the Hong Kong Design Association Awards including the Gold Award for their unique sets of cards. Lately, they are working on Amazing Twins’ figures. Amazing Twins, both creators and creatures are developing their careers and world without banishing their creative and experimental approaches to designing and friendly and humorous atmosphere.

What attractive about Benny and Colan’s works are their cool designing, sense of humour and the existence of story behind works. With reflecting influences from the Western Arts, they introduce Chinese culture and taste in a casual way. As the result of fusing West and East cultures, the unique world has been founded which exists in both works of the series with characters Amazing Twins and without.

Benny and Colan apply and experiment a wide range of design styles with different techniques such as hand drawing like illustration, 3DCG, photo collage & retouching and so on. And some are presented in pop and bright colours and others are in monotone. Through their series of works, it can be seen that their attitudes and volitions toward designing; do what they really like and pursue the design possibilities. At the same time, they don’t forget to put some wits. In many works, it’s a neat collaboration of text messages and graphics, sometimes it takes a form of interesting and inventive machine.

The credit printed on their postcards says “made in Amazing City by Amazing Twins”. If you visit their newly opened home page, you will find the story of Amazing Twins such as what kind of place Amazing City is and what kind of artists have been appeared. So, you can experience Amazing Twins’ playful world.

Amazing Twins’ Postcards are available at Page One (book store in HK) and Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Text: Shinobu Koike
Photos: Courtesy of Amazing Twins

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