PLACEText: Julio Cesar Palacio

Last year one of Barcelona’s most celebrated art spaces “Iguapop” closed its door and moved to Madrid. The gallery was through the years an important focus to be connected with both the international and local cutting edge artistic movements.

Mutt - Bookshop & Art Gallery

On December 2010 someone just take the chance and didn’t let us miss the space. Juanjo decided to open a bookstore and art space. Now Mutt Bookshop & Art Gallery is located at the same place where Iguapop was formally located, and this place is just once of the best spots in town. There was a bit of a risk trying to relaunch this space with a new face, but the amount of people that packed the opening of the 1st Mutt exhibition speaks by it self.

The new owner of the space is the restless Juanjo Fernández. I say so, because I am always walking by all local bookstores and Juanjo was working in two of the most interesting ones. That was before because right now he just take the bull by the horns and jump to open his own bookstore.


In Mutt you can find all the most radical and exclusive titles in art, architecture, magazines, fashion, street art and illustration.The bookstore is having a sharp edge and you can find some of the best artist monograph like Chris Johanson by Alleged Press, Ed Templeton, Martin Margiela catalog, and many especial editions.

The art space is also in shape with solo exhibitions and list of exciting upcoming shows.

I met Juajo Fernández and asked him a few questions about Mutt.

When did you decide to open the bookstore and what are your expectations with the space?

I just opened it on December 2nd last year. I am just working to bring the best boom titles for the bookstore and most relevant artists for the gallery.


So what can we found right now in Mutt and what are the future plans?

At Mutt you will find the best titles on the contemporary art, illustration, graphic design, fashion, graffiti, architecture, photography and a small selection on the contemporary literature and an accurate selection of magazines and fan zines from around the globe.

Ok, and what about the gallery space, what are the upcoming exhibitions?

Well, the program of the gallery is booked till first semester of 2012. Right now we are really happy with the Sosaku Miyazaki exhibition. Sosaku is a Japanese artist that I admire and I have been following through the years. And I can’t wait for the next exhibition we will have: Jose Manuel Hortelano-Pí (illustrator from el Pais -newspaper- EP3 magazine) who is also awarded with the Silver Laus Prize 2010 for his wonderful book ONan.


And just for the record, why the space is called MUTT?

Marcel Duchamp signed one of his most emblematic art work with the name Ernst Mutt. The Fountain, this piece was rejected on the exhibition that was Directed by the Duchamp itself and this piece is one of the biggest icons nowadays.

Thanks so much Juanjo and good luck!

So you all know by now there´s a new and exciting place in town were you can find the best in contemporary culture books, catalogs and magazines, and a uprising art space… We hope it lasts for a long time.

Mutt – Bookshop & Art Gallery
Address: Carrer del Comerç, 15, 08003 Barcelona
Tel: +34 931 924 438

Text: Julio Cesar Palacio
Photos: Julio Cesar Palacio

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