HAPPENINGText: Patricia Gauna

How to explain that when a magazine like ROJO® reaches four years it seems like a lifetime? ROJO® began focusing in grafical tendencies, becoming later a vehicle to different and multiple faces: events, music festivals, cd’s, dvd’s, limited edition shoes and t-shirts…

The team is now integrated by David Quiles Guilló, Marc Mascort i Boix and Alejandra Rachkes, working together with associated directors and more than 500 contributors from around the world.

ROJO® celebrates it’s fourth anniversary generating new tools of expression, and presented them in a delicious party happening in the legendary Apolo Club, a unique and constant reference for live music in Barcelona.

The presentation of the new printed ROJO®ipon issue was a luxury, as always, but the first Catalan screening of RUGA®Magazine on DVD, and the three live acts by artists that contributed to ROJO®tachan, a CD compiled by Nosordo, were the best demonstration that ROJO® and the artists that make it possible have a lot to say !

ROJO® received its guests with a present at the door, one free ROJO®tachan cd for anyone entering the event. After going up the stairs, a very spacious old ballroom was presented to my eyes. The venue was ready for people to sit down as in a wide living-room, with a huge screen, where a big latex pussy done by German artist Boris Hoppek was projected while audience started to crowd the space available.

First part of RUGA® presentation started as programmed, and the audiovisual pieces by Carolina Melis, Transforma, Crankbunny, Zeitguised Actop and Wagoer cached the audience attention right before Ljudbilden&Piloten + Via Grafik started.

Ljudbilden & Piloten were the first surprise of the night, offering a very rich sound compilation of images of an ideal world, a kind of paradise: nature, birds, butterflies, sounds from the sea, silence, growth. Like an oniric dimension in a femenine and naive universe of children. Viagrafik was supporting Ljudbilden with live visuals, and its cleaness and simplicity really gave its best visualization to the minimal sounds that the live act delivered.

An elegant ovation to the performing artists opened the second part of RUGA® that launched works by Qian Qian, Nicholas Bernier, Till Heim, Bowling Club?, Gregori Saavedra and Boris Hoppek. The last two pieces were the second surprise of the night; Gregori Saavedra’s “Enjoy your worries” compiles familiar ideas in a machine gun way, hundreds of images shoot directly at you to recreate a huge archive of fun and childish references combined with strange folk sounds custom made for each sequence that made you feel happy and smile. Boris Hoppek’s “Everything is going to hell” starts and ends on the beach, with images filmed by Pato (his partner) of Boris catching a wave, but in between this two scenes, audience lived Boris everyday live together with him… skating, street painting with freaklub, Neasden Control Centre, Tofer, Gratis, Yummy, and more… the best moment is when the video piece stops and fades to black, and right after few seconds, a dog appears and we start to hear his thoughts… demonstrating that Boris is one of the greatest artists of the moment.

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