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Katrin Schacke
Katrin Schacke has studied communication design in Offenbach and Zurich. Defining the German design as “vernacular, sensible, sometimes a bit chilly”, she creates something serene and distinctive like still images. You will be intrigued by her sensitive and dynamic graphic works including a number of darts flying, piles of books with a lot of stickies, a number of balls flying into a hole and furniture tied with a string. You can also feel the same atmosphere in her studio srroundings as in her graphical expression, which recalls a vernacular connection to the designer.


Kraenk Visuell KreativAgentur
Kraenk Visuell KreativAgentur was founded by Tobias Bender and Stephan Trischler during their study at FH Darmstadt. First, you will fix your eyes on their portrait photo, which could be one of their design works; 2 designers wearing wrapping paper and magazines. Their workplace photo is a funny one too. It looks as if designers are standing or sitting on the rotated office space. If you would like to see them lying down on the floor or even on the window rim, you just need to incline your head 90 degrees to the right or just rotate the book. One of their graphic works is a poster made for Darmstadt Technical University, featuring workers who often work in the background at the university. It aimed to depict something you don’t usually visualize. Their works with full of ideas that inspire my imagination.


Sebastian Onufszak
Born in Poland in 1976, Sebastian Onufszak is a visual artist who currently lives and works in Rosenheim Germany. She created an eccentric collage work with an array of vivid depictions of drug-abused arms, teeth and eyes and pills and needles. This graphic work was made for the anti-drug campaign. It includes a strong visual message about the danger of drugs. An array of eccentric visual elements stands out very much.

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