THINGSText: Asami Miyamura

Actar has released “NEULAND: The Future of German Graphic Design” a design book featuring about 50 graphic designers from Germany. The recent graphic design in Germany has drastically changed with a new focus on young graphic designers and design students. In addition to their well-trained techniques gained at school or even self-taught, the young generation has ideas free from traditional forms and cultures while taking in a contemporary and unique style.


This book is full of such German graphic designs using about 8 pages per designer, including an interview, portrait, portfolio, pictures of their work place and “something utterly German”. Some unique designers offer distinctive portrait photos on top of each designer’s page, and you will fully enjoy the interviews which introducing answers to 6 questions about Germany, the purpose of their work, favorite spots in Germany, etc. Here is an introduction to some of the featured 50 designers.

Colors And The Kids

A group formed by 3 members who met at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Colors And The Kids graphic works are characterized by sharp and cool, yet playful tastes. The rhythmical colored surfaces and flashy lines scattered in the black and white space remind us of rhythm of youth music. Stimulated by the rhythm of colors and a touch of comical story with a figure, I found myself enjoying it as if music was playing in my head.


STUDIOHEYHEY consists of Gina Monch and John Russo, who met each other at the Hochschule Darmstadt/Mathildenhöhe. They introduced photographic works from their book about terror “Tomorrow’s Pioneers”, featuring mysterious people like a man with a fabric-covered face, a naked man wearing a key around his neck, a black wrapped man with rat ears and a red man. With uncertainty and curiosity, you will be compelled to look into their graphic world. As expected, their work place photo looks a gloomy and shady place. With very short interview answers, the duo are very mysterious designers.

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