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LOT 61

PLACEText: Eddie Pak

Someone mentioned to me that it seems as if people don’t dance as much as they used to in New York City. Maybe it’s because more nice places to go to and relax in a lounge-like atmosphere are appearing in New York.

© Diana Viñoly 2017

About 7 blocks up from Baktun, on West 21st Street is Lot 61. Designed by architect Rafael and Diana Viñoly, the huge former truck garage is now a chic bar/lounge filled with red and brown hard rubber chairs and sofas supposedly from an insane asylum, lots of translucent surfaces creating interesting light patterns, a fireplace, a large bar made of metal, nice zebra-print sofas, and groovy beats.

© Diana Viñoly 2017

The space also showcases site specific work from artists like Vanessa Beecroft, Jorge Pardo. and Damien Hirst. Lot 61’s space is enormous (seats well over 200 people) and can create a feeling of emptiness not apt for a lounge; so Vinoly cleverly created translucent wall panels that slide open and closed to section off parts of the lounge depending on the size of the crowd. Lot 61 feels a bit more chichi and pretentious than a place like Baktun, but still a comfortable relaxing place to come and have a drink.

© Diana Viñoly 2017

One night at Lot 61, a friend of mine, James of Fresh55 summed up the feeling of Lot 61 in two statements: “Where’s Leonardo (DiCaprio)?” and “I hate it when the waiters look better than I do!”.

Lot 61
Address: 550 W 21st St., Manhattan, NY 10011
Tel: 212-243-6555

Text: Eddie Pak

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