PLACEText: Atsuko Kobayashi

SHOP33 has just opened a new shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. It is located in a usual house in a residential area of Harajuku. The beatiful interior and outerior design of the shop were nicely finished by an interior design collective love the life.

Originally started from Kichijyoji where SHOP 33 has thrived since ’80’s, it has introduced a great deal of indies brand clothing line-ups and CDs from independent techno labels, original fonts to young tokyoite. The new shop is designed to function as a gallery and web production company as well.

Whilst the Kichijyoji shop deals mailnly with dance music of drum’n’bass, the new shop introduces electro music. Also, it has a nice clothing line-up of Sabotage from Vienna and Nice Collective from San Francisco. It accepts submissions of digital fonts and software. If you have anything you want to submit, you can send or take it to the shop.

Incidentally, if you visit a web site of love the life, you can see all their nice and pop designs they have done for some other interior, logos, crockery etc. For this shop, they had a little hard time to redecorate the interior of the typical old Japanese house where there are usually lots of wood columns and beams set together under rather low ceilings. However, they well succeeded in refurbishing it using a number unique props and techniques.

“It looks as if it were using lots of translucent modern layers inside so you can see what has been there since it was first built long time ago” Yagi from love the life says.

As all furniture and shelves for products are removable, it can easily be an exhibition space in a moment.

In November, DORI DOCK is going to have an exhibition in the space.

shop33 -hrjk (Harajuku)
Address: 5-18-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 5468 3133

Text: Atsuko Kobayashi

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