HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

Finally I would like to introduce 3 consecutive works of “Chinese Art Nouveau”, a mixed media artwork by Reiichi Hayashida who is based in Ebetsu, Hokkaido.

“Chinese Art Nouveau”, Reichi Hayashida [Special Participants] (1933-), 2016, Mixed media

His works are related to his war memory that is an experience like a road movie reached to defeated Hokkaido from Manchuria, Shanghai and Dalian when he lived in young age. He has suppressed his memory for a long time and started drawing at about age of 40. His work suddenly became the spotlight in 2001 that he received the Excellence Prize at the Kirin Art Awards.

Movie by Akira Hayasaka

On the wall of lobby, there is a movie screening which is produced by Akira Hayasaka who is born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. The concept is to create an unexpected contact with Art Brut artists. It analyses the contours of the paintings by Art Brut artists and brings the outline of the previous picture closer to the next picture sequentially.

Hokkaido Art Burt 2016” at Odori Art Museum

Near Cross Hotel Sapporo, there is another exhibition “Hokkaido Art Burt 2016” organized by Hokkaido Art Brut Network Council held at Odori Art Museum on 24th – 29th January.

Japanese Art Brut is gaining attention in Europe. Exhibition “Art Brut Japonais” was held in Paris, La Halle Saint-Pierre in 2010. It received a lot of good comments. The exhibition period was extended. We are looking forward to the next exhibition.

Meanwhile, the domestic movements are also flourishing. A fiction film “Nise – The Heart Of Madness”, based on the story of Brazilian Dr. Nise who devoted her life to psychiatry, is released; a major retrospective exhibition of Adolf Wölfli, one of the most famous artists of Art Brut, is touring within the museums in Japan.

Art Brut is likely to be a more noteworthy Art field in the future.

MACHINAKA ART-X edition vol.23
Hokkaido Art Brut Exhibition

Date: January 14th – March 31st, 2017
Participants: Katsuya Uesugi, Yota Ebiko, Kanako Tayu, Katsuhiko Teccigawara, Hiromi Matsushima, Akina Miura, Yukitoshi Yoshida
Special Participants: Reichi Hayashida
Place: Cross Hotel Sapporo
Address: North 2 West 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Organized by Cross Hotel Sapporo
Curation: Clark Gallery + SHIFT
Supported by Hokkaido Art Brut Network Council, Machinaka Art

Text: Ayumi Yakura
Translation: Peggy Yumei Lee
Photos: Ayumi Yakura

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