HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

Entering cafe-bar “Meet Lounge”, you can see a Panda motif red artwork by Yukitoshi Yoshida (Katarube no Mori Art Museum).

“Untitled”, Yukitoshi Yoshida (1955-), 2016, 895 x 1,010 mm, Color pencil on paper

Drawing animal motifs and self-portraits, he spreads the range of creations after the age of fifty. He is able to recognize the animals and draw the silhouette of animals while getting supports from the caring facility staff. He draws a contour line on a red paper, paints it and overlays colour pencils for compassion.

“Picture of old print”, Akina Miura (1987-), 2013, 1,300 x 5,070 mm, Pencil on paper

Work of Akina Miura (Art Center Ainosato) is exhibited at cafe space. She likes doing sports such as basketball and dance, also she is a passionate and perseverant person. This work is a masterpiece with a width of more than 5 meters, drawn by a pencil as a motif of photographs records of old play. She is strongly aware of “what only I can do” as she says, she likes those activities.

“Untitled”, Kanako Tayu, 557 x 664 mm, Color pencil on paper

Kanako Tayu creates activities at home in Shiraoi, Hokkaido. She draws anime characters like “Sailor Moon”, etc, for many times. This time, the exhibit shows her flower series drawing, but filling a black based space with vivid colours. A strong living feeling is caught from the screen which painted by a colour pencil with a strong writing force.

“Untitled”, Hiromi Matsushima (1987-), 2013, 460 x 620 mm, Pen on paper

Behind the bar counter, 3 artworks by Hiromi Matsushima (Katarube no Mori Art Museum) are exhibited. The artworks painted with pens are the drawing of the words that it speaks what she keeps talking all day, but not to anyone. Day by day, they are not the same as old one. It seems that the hearts of the day that she drews and the words she talked are coming up lively.

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