HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

An exhibition that creates an unexpected contact with Art Brut.

Artists who did not undergo professional art education are expressing art freely which created from their heart regardless of the presence or absence of disability. It is “Art Brut” (Outsider Art), meaning “Raw Art” in French, in which its interest is rising in the world. Meanwhile, the “Hokkaido Art Brut Exhibition” curated by Clark Gallery + SHIFT at Cross Hotel Sapporo is being held until March 31.

This exhibition will be set in harmony with the modern interior of the hotel, with cooperation of the Hokkaido Art Brut Network Council, showing an unique personality work by artists who are handicapped in Hokkaido. Thus, it creates an unexpected contact with Art Brut by artists’ unique and individual works linking to people who visit/stay the Hotel by chance.

“Untitled”, Yukitoshi Yoshida (1955-), 2016, H485 – 690 mm, Newspaper clay

The Hokkaido Art Brut Network Council is established in 2015 with the aim of connecting the artistic activities of 10 handicapped facilities in Hokkaido, attorneys and art experts. In this exhibition, Masako Kikuchi, who is the board member of the association and the “Katarube no Mori Art Museum“, is invited to exhibit the artworks created by 8 artists who are working in various regions in Hokkaido.

“Untitled”, Katsuhiko Teccigawara (1961-), 2003, 830 x 1,030 mm, Ink, acrylic on paper

At the back of concierge desk, you will catch up a work by Katsuhiko Teccigawara (Katarube no Mori Art Museum) on the wall. He always walks around and reads a book then suddenly draws picture and finishes it before you could say Jack Robinson. This work is done when he often draws the staff of facility and his family around 2003. Recently, his works turn into a story-telling picture about various aspects.

“Cockatiel”, “Corgi”, “American Shorthair (Turn around)”, Yota Ebiko (1992-), 2016, 1,167 x 910 mm, Acrylic on wood panel

There are 3 paintings by a young artist Yota Ebiko (NPO Tomute/Kitami) exhibited at centre of lobby. He created works since childhood, drawing animals and insects motifs. He has the ability to memorise the image of the observed living being, and can draw up its features without looking at their motif. The style has changed over the past decade, and we are looking forward to his future activities.

“Untitled”, Katsuya Uesugi (1945-2013), 2003, 350 x 470 mm, Ink on paper

A family of Katsuya Uesugi owned a pig farming business. Therefore, there are many his works of animal motifs that he loves. Not only the usual animals such as cats and dogs, but also elephants and monkeys are depicted. The drawing line with India ink on white paper is distinctive, and although it is simple, we can tell his distinctive taste at the first sight from his work.

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