PLACEText: Celeste Najt

Downtown Buenos Aires is truly magical, and probably the most illustrative area of the city’s old days charm. I can bet this was one of the main reasons why Editor Market, the new department store was settled in this area. Editor occupies a beautiful 1943’s rationalist building on Corrientes Avenue and San Martin Street. If you are a traveler you are probably very familiar with department stores, pay attention that this is a whole new adventure for Buenos Aires. There was a time when some big department stores were along the city (Harrods, Gath y Chaves, Casa Para Ti) but whether they belong to another era or didn’t last long enough.


Before Editor, if you wanted to buy stuff you had two options: organizing a tour along the city, to find the best shops for clothing, interior design, etc. or the easier -but not tastier- visit to the shopping mall where you can get everything but not always fulfilling your expectations. Editor is the creation of Gabriel Brener, a young entrepreneur who is behind major Argentinian brands such as Maria Cher and A.Y. Not Dead.

© Javier Agustin Rojas

Editor is a unique shopping experience with an iconic multi-category and trend setting offering. Presenting a dynamic retail space that is constantly moving and evolving. Editor is a dual-Channel project where the online and offline experience integrate innovation, design and technology. A unique and distinctive selection, curated by experts in each category: Ladies, Men, Apartment, Beauty, Kids, Hobbies, Coffee Shop and Take Away.

© Javier Agustin Rojas

Each floor offers a variety of items, arranged by theme. The basement is where the technology section is; ground floor belongs to the cafe –hip, modest and cozy-; on the first floor you will find a perfumery with touch screens where customers can learn about the products and their characteristics, followed by women’s clothes. On the 2nd and 3rd floor, more femenine clothing and shoes will be found; 4th floor is for men, 5th floor has the bazaar and linen section, the 6th and 7th representing the interior design and decoration heaven to end up on a 8th –and last- floor with the children area, a skinny design book shop and a bicycle store.

The most interesting fact about Editor is that there you will find a great selection of Argentinian talents: some examples can be the innovative brand Album –clothing for men and women-, the chic selection of Riviera, the amazing perfumes and candles by Fueguía brand and the refined and ethereal new interior design project of María Cher “Estudio Cher”.

© Javier Agustin Rojas

The entire Editor project plan is to open between 3 and 6 more spaces along the city and the suburban area within a year. The second store is already open in Palermo, another Buenos Aires’s hipster hub. Each space will have between 1,500 and 2,000 sq meters and will continue challenging the market with good taste and innovation.

Worth a try to take a tour through Editor, you will fall in love easier than you think.

Editor Market
Address: Avenida Corrientes 503, Dorrego 2133, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (12:00 – 20:00 on Sunday and Holiday)
Tel: +54 11 5256 2575

Text: Celeste Najt
Photos: javier agustin rojas

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