PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz

This month’s cover design is made by Sonni, an illustrator, artist and graphic designer. He lives and works at Buenos Aires, Argentina. He works in illustration with great passion in a happy and fun world, in different projects: art and design magazines, animations, t-shirts, games, video clips. Also, he is right now developing his own line of products. He was invited to participate in solo and collective shows at galleries and museums.His murals can also be seen in the streets of many neighborhoods at Buenos Aires city.

Photo: Lucila Bodelón

Please tell us yourself and your recent activity.

I started to study graphic design at the university and at the time, I worked as a designer in film companies, at the art section. But then I turned to illustration and studied with Cristian Turdera and Daniel Roldán. I always drew, since I was a child, I really liked it. At some point I switched to making my own drawings instead of doing only corporate stuff. It was more fun to me. Now I’m also working with US studio Friends with You as freelance in some project and collabrate with Revista Colectiva from Costa Rica. I’m really happy with my work right now.


Which are the highlights in your career so far?

One of them is working with guys from Friends with You; we speak the same language. They came last year to Trimarchi DG, and then I showed my work at Fábrica de Bananas, I met them there and they really liked my work. My projects are varied and I always have new challenges, I like working in many formats, clothes, animation, products, papers and so on.


Which are the nicest things that happen to you thanks to your career?

The exhibitions are great to get out of the bubble I’m usually in. I get to show my work in a space other than the computer and handle many layers of information. I’ve been in three solo exhibitions and more than ten collective shows.


What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?

I’d like to do vinyl toys, which would be great! And also wooden toys, that is an old idea of mine. I’d also like to do an animation short film.
I’m planning on creating my own t-shirts, and also a line of cushions and more merchandising of my own. Also books for kids. Kids really like my work, they get so surprised when they see me painting in the streets.


Tell me about your street work, how did it start and what about that experience?

I found sticker paper while I was at home and decided to intervene the walls, the subway, and the streets, just to find myself cozier, with a homey feeling. Then I felt like painting with Chu, Kid Gaucho, Tec, Gualicho, and more people. I release a lot of energy. As an illustrator, I like to perform my art in plenty of canvas. Usually I have a good reception, people like me to paint their homes.

Please tell us about your city, and how about living in your city for yourself and your activity.

I love living in Buenos Aires, there are plenty of galleries and a lot of places for us designers to hang out, a lot of shows openings and friends, and a growing circuit, which I really enjoy.

Please tell us about a favorite place in the city you live and work in.

I like simple places, very familiar places to eat for example. And also some galleries in Palermo such as Hollywood in Cambodia, and Turbo Gallery, from Doma Group. These are nice spaces and I strongly recommend them to people that want to experience art and culture circuits nowadays at Buenos Aires.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz
Photos: Lucila Bodelon

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