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PLACEText: Celeste Najt

María Casado Home Gallery

The northern area of Buenos Aires hides a beauty unthought-of by the foreign visitor. The green patches on the river bank, the number of plant species in the streets and the period houses put a stop to the hectic atmosphere ruling Downtown Buenos Aires. This is the area María Casado chose to live in and to live together with her creative-work project: an art gallery behind closed doors.


Initially, the project was created in Acassuso, where the gallery functioned for ten years. In 2012 it was moved to its present-day location, an impressive house in rationalist style. More than an exhibition hall, María Casado appears as an alternative to the rigidity of other spaces dedicated to art, fostering new ideas and the proliferation of speeches developed by both emerging and acclaimed artists alike.


The exhibitions are intimate, delicate and have a great sense of contemporaneity. Works by Alfredo Prior, Benito Laren, Eduardo Capilla, Javier Barilaro, Juan Becu, Karina Peisajovich, Lotty Inchauspe, Lux Linder, Marcolina Dipierro,– to mention but a few – have lived together in María’s house, where art and daily life become sublimely blended.

María Casado Home Gallery
Address: Visits are by appointment only
Tel: +54 (0)9 11 5451 6796

Text: Celeste Najt

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