PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz

Pablo Gamba is a hardworking argentine designer, illustrator and “object maker”.

Not only he draws almost everything, but also he enjoys the playful experience of messing with new materials, creating shapes out of nothing and drawing every surface no matter what.

He’s more like an artisan, we should say. He’s a joyous artisan playing freely and recklessly in different fields.


Please tell me about your career, how did you start doing what you do?

I started studying graphic design in 1996. I was so happy because I really loved studying. I used to be somewhat shy so making friends in college concerned me, but I met a lot of people. When I was little, my dad taught me how to draw. I got good grades in drawing and even worked as a teacher in college. My favorite subject was Morphology, which was very useful for my life and work. Since 2003 I’m working at Global Dardos, a marketing and communications company. For me, the most important thing at work is our team, I like working with people.

On the other hand, I’m always drawing, everywhere, all the time. At college I started working with different materials. We had to look for them in the street. I also began to create characters for people and myself. At first I didn’t know what to do but with Ana’s help I started to promote my stuff on the web.


Here’s another chapter: Ana. Her name is Ana Poggi and she’s Pablo’s girlfriend. They’ve been together for many years now and they work like two complementary perfect parts of a system. She’s great at marketing and excels at concreting her goals, so she pushes him to pursue his many creative projects, which may otherwise be lost in space.
Good for her.

“I feel that I’m still experimenting, says Pablo. I don’t have a defined style. I work in digital, in paper, with objects, collage, drawing, painting, cropping… I like everything: illustration for children, wood, paper!”

What is Nuevas Ganas?

Nuevas Ganas is a project that came out of a dinner table, we always have ideas when we go out for dinner with Ana. They are very funny refrigerator magnets and people love them! It’s a hard crafty work! Ana’s help was very important to me in this project. We really work as a team.

So you do a lot of things, you’re very versatile!

Like a pulp! I also love working with friends. My Mexican friend Macu, for example in project La Playerita Enchulada (printed t-shirts).

And with my friends Pablo and Vik from Monoblock I illustrated an Author Notebook. And with Pato Oliver and Hymnofeda we made “wachifichus”.

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