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PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz


Sol means “sun” in Spanish. And I feel sunny when I entered Sol Linero´s place. Her house is like a pearl in the middle of the jungle. It is, of course, filled with beautiful and delicately chosen stuff. Kitchen stuff, design stuff, plants, pictures and animals: her dog Poncho and her kitty Lupita.

As in her illustrations, the cat and dog always find a nice spot to settle. Just as I do, while I sit by the computers and lovely silk screens.


Please tell me how your career started.

When I was 12, I loved mathematics and drawings, so I thought I wanted to be an architect. But when the moment to choose a career actually arrived, I chose Graphic Design because it was more artistic. When I graduated from college, I entered Stein Branding Broadcast Design Studio, one of the most important in Argentina. They were looking for animators, I didn’t know much of that but I applied anyway! There I learned a lot about animation, TV, film and so on.

Some time after that, a friend of mine, Juliana Pedemonte (Colorblok), called me from the US to work with her in MTV, so I moved to Miami for a couple of years. That was super! Then I came back to Buenos Aires and a while ago I started to work freelance. Right now most of my work is with foundations, which care about social and environmental issues. I also have projects going with Take Part, the foundation of Participant Media, which produced the film Waiting for Superman. Actually, I did the animated trailer of that movie, which you can check out at here.


Are you also working on illustration right now?

Yes, I work on both animation and illustration. In 2008, Juliana, Amaranta Martínez (Piktorama) and I participated in an exhibition called “Fauna, organic and botanical”. And the next year, in October 2009, all of us again participated in an exhibition called “Tea time” in Coucou, Palermo. Then an illustrator’s agent contacted me and I started to work for him. I really love illustration. I also worked along with Monoblock guys; we made a notebook, placemats, little cans and t-shirts.

Which were the most important moments in your career so far?

The moment I decided to work freelance was awesome! I feel that my work flows, clients look for me, I participate on many online galleries, and it’s great. I now have an identity, a style and I feel proud of doing what I do.


Which are the issues that repeat in your work?

Well, in those things I do for fun, the themes are teatime, animals, my pets, my plants, I call these: “cute” things. My color palette is characteristic too. Colors and shapes are simple.

What inspires you?

Everyday things. I don’t surf the web much, but I do visit decoration blogs each day! My new house and my dog are a great inspiration to me. Also nature and flowers. Scandinavian design, the kitchen, house wear…I love tea since I was a child. I like cute dresses; I almost don’t wear pants. I designed dresses for illustrations, very nice!


Who are your influences?

First of all, Picasso. Also Charlie Harper and Marc Boutavant. They are all genius!

Finally, what would you like to do that you haven’t done so far?

I’d like to illustrate a children’s book. Also I’d like to make products, home wear, everything for the house. I love handmade stuff and most of the things here at home were made or restored by me.

Sol starts showing me all those cute little and big things she does herself. I then take pictures of her around the house and feel extremely cozy with every step I take. I wish I had tea there, but instead I return the camera to its bag and walk out into the real world again.The gray jungle waits for me outside.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz
Photos: Gisella Lifchitz

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