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Eric Rosevear as E13 is a graphic designer who has created the cover images for this month’s SHIFT. His main area of creativity is in New York, downtown.

The work he produced for Gasbook04 is pretty good as well as his site. His works have intense individuality from streets in contrast to major graphic scene in NY.
We spoke to him about his original CD-ROM, about his site E13 and so on.

To start with, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Eric Rosevear, I’m 24 years old. I started working with computers a couple years ago when a friend of mine (Matt Mento) set me up with a job for a design firm downtown in soho. It was a really shitty job, I had to clean out garbage cans and when someone had dust on their monitor, I had to clean it for them. but even though it was a shit job it was good because I had access to tons of computer equipment that I could play around on. I would stay after hours and sometimes over night teaching myself things.

Can you explain about your own web site, E13?

E13 is something I started about a year ago. I don’t really know what keeps me going with it, I guess it’s just fun for me to play around with ideas and see what happens. I get alot of response to it from random people, some say things like “Very impressing, just great. Who are you?”, others say “What the fuck is this E13 shit!!! Why do you bother doing this crap! Don’t you have anything else to do???” maybe that’s what keeps me going.

What kind of work have you done with your computer in the last few months?

I’ve been doing a few different things. I did some CD-Rom work for Gasbook04, and now I’m working on an E13 CD-Rom. I like to do as much work for myself as I can, like playing around with different programs and concepts and seeing what I could do with it. But lately aside from the cd-rom projects which I do like doing, I’ve been doing little freelance projects just to earn some kind of an income. It seems to workout this way though, I do a bullshit job usually something like fix images in photoshop, write some html or put something together in director. It’s work that I don’t really care about or takes much time, but it pays ok and I might learn something new that I can apply to my own projects that I do care about.

You’re a good friend of David Oppenheim. What do you usually do when you see him?

David is a good guy. We usually just hang out and do nothing, maybe talk about projects we’re working on, or things we want to work on together. not much.

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