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Gi Myao is the artist behind this month’s Shift cover, based in London, she has graced us with her artwork. Having a strong art background she started out at the tender age of five with lipstick and mud. With a strong passion of art, it is evident in each one of her pieces as well as the website she runs herself. Outletting her art to other sites and even creating prints of her work, she is an active artist. Enjoyng a relaxing stroll down the ‘Columbia Road Flower Market’ she took the time out to answer some questions about herself.


Could you tell us about yourself?

When I was five, I didn’t understand the idea of what ‘drawing’ was. I used anything I can get my hands on to paint on my bedroom wall, including my mum’s lipstick and dirty mud. After that, my mum was left no choice but to take me to drawing classes. Since then, I spent twelve years in different art schools before I attended Central Saint Martins to study Ba Fashion Design with Marketing.

How did you get started with your art?

Having graduated from CSM last year, my illustrations for the final project won the ‘Nina De York Illustration Award’ in the London Institute.
I soon found out people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy the progress creating them. In one random meeting, someone form a publishing house suggested I should take this on as my career. That’s how I got started.


Please introduce us some of your recent works or projects.

I am currently participating in ‘Die Gestalten’s’ new book project, “Illustive 2”.


Tell us what was the thinking behind this month`s Shift cover?

Pin Up Girls! I always wanted to draw them. I wanted the cover to be fun and sexy.


What are some of your interests and what do you enjoy when your not busy and not painting?

I work and live in London. Almost every Sunday, I will go to the ‘Columbia Road Flower Market’ with my dog. There is nothing more relaxing than walking down the market on a lazy Sunday morning surrounded by beautiful flowers and happy people. I usually take home different colours of exotic orchids and a huge bunch of pink Lily’s.
In the afternoon, I would spend hours in Ladurae Cafe outside Harrods with my friends.

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