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PLACEText: Justin Tsui

Usually, when ordering food in a restaurant, you get the choice of which food you eat, but never how much ends up on the plate. Now, a new chic restaurant SML is opened on August 2009 in Times Square at Causeway Bay and it introduces an innovative size-orientated dining experience. From bite-sized appetizers to large plate main courses, you can always find something you want to try on the menu with the right size!


SML offers the total freedom of choice, except the numbers of choices of Mediterranean food, everything on the menu are in Small, Medium and Large size, so no matter you feel like sharing with a large group of friends or just a casual dinner with your lover, this option is a perfect fit. Different European style dishes will be served with lovely presentation. The wine list features 38 various wines. Some of them are available from the automated wine dispenser from Enomatic. This wine serving system provides the choice of 15mls, a half or full glass of wine, which allow guests to sample different wines and this system surely goes well with this choice-driven restaurant.


The interior of SML was designed by a Hong-Kong based designer, Alexi Robinson. This spacious dining place is in contemporary and yet casual style with hand-crafted materials, natural wood and textures. The materials remind people of European style decoration. SML features an island bar, an open kitchen as well as flexible, communal dining areas and a large outdoor terrace, which is very rare to find in the area of Causeway Bay. The long-length tables make it a great choice for a huge dinner gathering.


Also, there is an 8-feet tall “SML Baby” stands in the entrance to grab everybody’s attention, was created by the famous local figure artist Michael Lau. This significant art piece spices up the place with a little playfulness.

With the multi-choices theme, SML brings a whole new dining concept to the table and it surely keeps us coming back to sample more gourmet dishes and wines.

Address: 11/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2577-3444

Text: Justin Tsui
Photos: SML

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