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PLACEText: Kengo Michizoe

A clay-oven cuisine and sake restaurant themed with “Love“ and “Art“, PAVILION has opened in Nakameguro, Tokyo, in November, 2016. Enlarge-sized art pieces and commission works created by Tatsu Nishino and Kohei Nawa are made for this project to create an unique view of the space.

Concept of the interior design is the 60’s culture and post modern, thus there is an unique and exquisite view mixing the two spaces.


As soon as you enter the restaurant, we see a Vespa hanging from the out-sized art piece “What if someone finds out?” by Tatsu Nishino on a large single-board table in a confession room. He is a well-known artist to open up a living room or a hotel in reality by constructing a room using outdoor monuments, performing a large scale installation such as overturning common sense in a public space.


In the space behind the confession room, there is a bar counter and mysterious light come from the art piece called “Black Ball” by Kohei Nawa. Kohei Nawa is expanding the possibilities of sculpture by using glass, beads, spray foam, silicone oil etc.
“Study for a Mirror #4” created by Coen Young exhibits on the wall and becomes an ambiguous reflection of space.


In a private room that can overlook the inside of the store, it is decorated by a photographer Kawashima Kotori’s work “BABY BABY (bl-69)” which gathered topics from his collection book “Mirai-chan“. It was dare to place this work which was decorated with the high eye level intended to create a feeling that can be spoken from the work. In 2015, he was awarded the 40th Ihei Kimura Photo Award at “Myojo” shot in Taiwan.

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