THINGSText: Calvin Ho

This month, I am a little late in my article. Oops, the GraphixBoiy’s been busy. Why? Well there has been a plethora of new hip magazine’s from Hong Kong this month, and a few improvements through time. Somewhat outstanding?? somehow fresh??

First introduction is this month’s premiere release of the IZZUE magazine. We hope it’s going to be a monthly release, but coming from reliable sources, the second issue will not see the light of day unfortunately from the response of the department’s senior heads. IZZUE’s implant into Hong Kong’s fashion market started out as a retail chain store selling affordable casual clothing 2 years ago. The store’s decor is minimal, annoyingly dim lighting (one wonders how you can see the colour of the clothes) and it is all clean cut Expect that in the magazine.

Their stores are intelligently located in the heart of every shopping region of Hong Kong island and Kowloon, the initial foothold in the HK retail sector, we see IZZUE release their “buy me online “dotcom soon after that. Both their site and the magazine is almost identical, covering the latest in Fashion news, designer trends, and cool graphics.

IZZUE mag is art directed by Les Suen. The styling and design is very similar to the Polytechnic fashion year book he produced. Photography and art direction is pretty fresh and daring. Their content is somehow still very Hong Kong styled, shallow scrape on the real scene. IZZUE is not here to set trend but to write about what’s out there. Again and again, I still think they have a good foothold in their “teenage fashion binge”audience , yet they don’t promote local fashion talent. Shame.

The IZZUE magazine can be snatched up for free at HMV, or from their own stores. IZZUE will have their flowershop in Causeway Bay soon.


Text: Calvin Ho

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