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PLACEText: Justin Tsui


For locals or visitors in Hong Kong, you will never find it hard to fulfill your shopping desires in this city. There are thousands of places for shopping and numbers of brands that you can choose from. However, this city is surely lacking of select shops for the indie fashionestas. Gallery de Vie at Gough Street in Sheung Wan is a mix of cool fashion and cultural art in one lovely select shop!


Gallery de Vie is launched in 2004, it offers selection of cool and new independent brands from Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Japan and Paris. The shop carries the unique foreign names, such as A”N”D, Alice McCall, Rubecksen Yamanaka, Peter Jensen, ON ZA LINE and more… Except stocking the brands from abroad, Gallery de Vie constantly has collaborations with different local parties, especially the local talented new stars, such as, Power Shapes, Moll, PLOTZ and Daydream Nation. The selections in here are full of characters and you can pretty much find the outstanding outfit for different occasions.


From the outside, Gallery de Vie may just look like a cute boutique, but its name gives out some hints that there is something unique about the shop. “Vie” simply means life in French. Fashion, life and art are the main essences of Gallery de Vie. From the lovely little accessories and stationary to the stylish small plants can also be found in the cultural and yet cool environment. Its CD corner provides the right indie music for the fashion junkies. On top of it, exhibitions are regularly held in its gallery. The local active art group Graphicairlines is now having their 2nd solo show “Flesh Mesh”, a figurine sale exhibition in there until September 3rd. 50 Limited sets of the “Madame Vee & Meaty” figures are displayed in venue.

Gallery de Vie
Address: G/F, 45 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3580 8395

Text: Justin Tsui
Photos: Justin Tsui

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