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As one of the leading fashion giants in Hong Kong, I.T is always renowned for its chic and pioneer by bringing different local and foreign fashion brands together. EXIT by double-park, which is the other brand-new shop specializing in Japan street fashion under I.T, has been opened since this summer.

In order to celebrate the opening of EXIT by double-park, they held an in-shop party called House Warming Party, which exemplifies the casual and stylish concept of street fashion brought by EXIT, instead of a traditional fashion show presenting different fashion labels. All the visitors can freely enjoy themselves in the party rather than just sitting and watching a catwalk show.

Sam Lee, one of the cult icons in Hong Kong, was the host of the party. He should be no stranger to all clubbers as he is also a party-lover himself. As it was known as a party, music and DJ-ing are a must! Organizer has invited DJ Yucci from Japan to present his big beat throughout the night. The whole EXIT shop became a big dancing floor instantly and let the visitors dance with the music as they like.

You can always find some b-boys / b-girls showing off in many parties, but in this House Warming Party, you can’t find them, but you can find Fourthirty instead. 3 main leading designers of Fourthirty, namely Takashi Ito, Hiroshi Uehara and Kotaro Tanaka, were invited to join the party and had a BMX performance. Without a large space and steep slope, these 3 BMX riders performed flatland BMX in a very limited area. But the limited space is not an obstacle between them and the audience, on the contrary, audience seemed much more exciting to experience the show in such a close distance.

After the party, there will be 8 special BMX display for a month in the shop. So, if you are into BMX but miss the party, you can still catch up with this BMX display and… the street fashion by Fourthirty of course.

Exit by double-park
Address: 73-75 Chatham Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Text: Mlee
Photos: Mlee

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