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What will you expect to see when you are in the United Colors of Benetton? A new collection of fashion? Its astonishing posters and print advertisements? You can find Li Chi Tak there this time!

Circumcision, an exhibition showing the latest works of Li Chi Tak, is being held by the United Colors of Benetton and Hong Kong Art Centre from November 2002 to January 2003.

As one of the renowned illustrators in Hong Kong, Li Chi Tak firstly co-operated with the United Colors of Benetton and Hong Kong Art Centre to show his latest collection – Circumcision, which is a story about a little black girl.

Li has been in the comic industry for 20 years. His works is always famous for his creative, weird ideas and simple but unique style. During his development, he was heavily affected by several Japanese artists: Otomo Katsuhiro, Maruo Suehiro and Mochitsuki Minetaro. Li, who introduced and further widened the alternative style comic to the local scene, has been regarded as one of the most important illustrators in Hong Kong. Not only in Hong Kong, you can also find his name in Japan, France and Belgium. His remarkable collections include HEI XIA, CE QIN, SHI SHEN and TIN YAU JI, in which, HEI XIA was even filmed.

It is better to say Li is a polygraph artist, rather than just an illustrator. Beside comics, Li also involves in columns, features and filmography writing for some newspapers and magazines… not to mention the co-operative project of UNDERGROUND CD+COMIC with local indie musicians.

With growing recognition of Li’s works, it is not difficult to find his influence in most of the local young illustrators’ works.

Beside the above showcase, specially designed T-shirts with Li’s illustration are being sold during the exhibition. The profit from the sales of the T-shirts will be donated to Hong Kong Art Centre for art promotion and development.

After a stop at the United Colors of Benetton, the exhibition will continue in the Hong Kong Arts Centre from December to January.

Li Chi Tak “Circumcision”
Date: November 1st – 30th, 2002
Place: Pacific Place Branch of United Colors of Benetton
Address: Shop 106. Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Text: Mlee
Photos: Mlee

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