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Established by a Hong Kong based designer Sing Chin Lo in 2007, PLOTZ is a women’s brand that is created by his simple and perfect, qualified and sophisticated design, which made my heart shake as though looking at works of art. The models on the portfolio look far way as they were enraptured by his creation.
Gained people’s attention since his art school times, Sing Chin’s creative, vibrant and beautiful wares showcased in Japan and Paris in 2008 received more attention by many buyers and journalists. It’s his design created with his philosophy that has vibrated my heart with a serene moment. Shift interviewed the designer, Sing Chin Lo asking his latest news.

PLOTZ – FW 09 Collection

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I am SingChin Lo, hailing from Hong Kong, and hoping to sparkle in Rendes-Vou Femme. Being born and grown up in Hong Kong, I don’t consider myself as someone extraordinary. However, I have a firm believe that I have acquired strong senses in details, even minor details. It reflects my choice in university years as I started off as an engineering major. Unfortunately, mechanical network didn’t amaze me much while woven patchwork kept fascinating me. I found myself having a connection to it. So I moved on to my education but committed myself to the sophistication of styles as majoring in fashion design. Ever since, I became fully involved in fashion sector with a vision in developing and perfecting my clothing label.

Please tell us about your brand PLOTZ. How did you come up with the name, PLOTZ as the brand name?

Sure, PLOTZ has a young history as it was founded in 2007. To understand PLOTZ, an anatomical analysis is unavoidable. (Kidding!) PLOTZ is a combination of ‘plot’ and ‘z’. ‘Plot’ has several meanings but in our case it carries meanings of secret project and conspiracy. After ‘z’ completes, ‘plotz’ channels a meaning of fainting out of excitement. The two conveyed ideas truly manifest my design philosophy – A SECRET PROJECT RESULTING FROM BEYOND EXCITEMENT.

What did you study mainly at Hong Kong Polytechnic University?

My academic background is design with a focus on fashion. The main subjects covered fashion (inevitably), culture, pattern cutting and tailoring.

PLOTZ – HONG KONG Fashion Designers Association

Please introduce the works on both that was awarded for HONG KONG Fashion Designers Association and was entered to the New Designers Fashion Grand Prix.

Yes, the HKFDA (Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association) granted an award to my graduation project, which themed on resolving environmental issues in HK through fashion. My project idea was to sustain the life of a product. As fashion culture changing very rapidly in Hong Kong, the life span of an in-style product could be very short. The piece of my design could serve both purposes of daily-wear and home decor. In the event of New Designers Fashion Grand Prix, with comparative fewer boundaries, I came up with an idea of the contour of a tree. My piece employed a concept of transformation from a 3D design to a 2D design.

PLOTZ – SS 09 Collection

Please introduce the SS09 collection. What did you get inspiration for the creation? What was the concept?

Speaking for myself, inspiration is all around. My creation is mostly inspired by my daily experience of life, people and objects from surroundings. For SS09 collection, the major inspiration was a fragile self. Put it this way, I pictured the human body as a parcel. The central concept of collection was seeking a reliable source, or sources for the protection of fragile human body; a fragile human body required a parcel-like armor.

PLOTZ – FW 09 Collection

As I saw the past collections, I can feel dynamism in your design, which attracts people with a magical way in applying edgy design to the layering clothes of the female’s elegance and softness. The cutting seems difficult too. What do you pursue the most for clothing?

Thanks and that’s a flattering compliment. I am glad that you’ve paid painstaking attention to my designs. About pursuit…I couldn’t say I pursue in my design. But I wouldn’t deny that a special element strikes the creative nerve endings of my brain. My design is all about a sense of spacing: the change of feeling from static to moving. It is interesting!

What do you usually ware ?

I don’t have a straight discipline for my own. I wear anything that makes me comfortable. Like jeans and t-shirts with a dominating mood.

You must be already working on the AW09. Please tell us your future plan.

Yes, we are currently showcasing our AW09 collection in the Paris showroom. One of the future plans is an attempt of collaboration. We thought about planning to have an event with another artist, working in a form of partnership for a project-base event.

Where can we buy items of PLOTZ?

Right now, PLOTZ is available in certain locations in Paris, New York, Japan and Hong Kong. You can find more information by reaching via our official site:

Text: Kazumi Oiwa

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